Tom cruise was caught “in the clutches” of coronavirus – filming of under the threat, and the idol quarantined

Том Круз попался "в лапы" коронавируса - съемки фильма под угрозой, а кумир на карантине

Tom cruise photo YouTube / TBS

today, 05:34

American actor Tom cruise was closed for quarantine in Venice because of an outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy.

This writes the British tabloid the Daily Mail with reference to actor Simon Pegg.

Cruz arrived in Italy for filming the seventh part of the movie “Mission impossible”. The plot of the spy Thriller, one of the scenes needs to happen on a gondola against the backdrop of historical landmarks in Venice. However, using anti-epidemic measures, the shooting was postponed indefinitely.

Now the actor is, together with other members of the crew is quarantined in a luxury hotel Gritti Palace. About infecting one of them with coronavirus has not been reported. There is also no data about the presence of symptoms of respiratory disease.

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Том Круз попался "в лапы" коронавируса - съемки фильма под угрозой, а кумир на карантине

The hotel Gritti Palace in Venice, photo Wikipedia

Quarantine in Venice will last at least until March 2. On the possible extension of the quarantine have to report in the near future.

The seventh part of the epic “Mission impossible” should be released next summer, but it is not known whether delays in the production of these plans.

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Recall, Tom cruise had illegally entered the home of a Hollywood party girl and ran into something nobody expected.

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