Tom Ellis: fans ripped off on TikTok, he sets the record straight

THEa trailer for season 6 of Lucifer: Tom Ellis pushes a rant on the networks To follow the news of Tom Ellis, it is now on social networks that it happens. Following the release of season 6 of Lucifer on Netflix, the actor has been rather discreet even if it is not the projects that are lacking. The British actor, however, has just given a rant on his networks: Internet users have usurped his identity and created fake accounts to scam his fans. One thing that does not pass at all with the interpreter of Lucifer Morningstar.

You should not believe everything you see on the networks. Some people are very malicious and do not hesitate to abuse the naivety of certain Internet users to extract money from them. Fans of Tom Ellis fell victim to it, so the actor decided to raise a rant and get things straight on Instagram.

Tom Ellis is giving a message on Insta to denounce fake accounts

A few months after the end of Lucifer , Tom Ellis has just resurfaced with a video posted on his Instagram account. A few days ago, the actor wanted to warn his subscribers in the face of a scam concerning him: he explains that some fans have been scammed by fake accounts in his name, encouraging them to make donations for charities, while the money is in fact embezzled by scammers. “Unfortunately, I have to make a little video because people pretend to be me on social networks and others fall for the trap and donate money for works that are not charitable “a explained the actor who is married in life.

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In his message, Tom Ellis therefore recalls that he has only two accounts: one on Instagram and one on Twitter. “ On any other platform, it's not me! It's not me on TikTok, I can't be clearer. ” he explained in front of the camera, adding: “ I'm so sorry for the people who got screwed and I resent the people who pretend to be me and try to take your money. They are horrible people. Please , don't be fooled! “. The message has passed!

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