Tom Neron unfit to stand trial

Tom Nero is not fit to stand trial. The individual is accused of the second degree murder of his mother Arlène Girard, committed on rue du Paillard in the sector of Rock Forest, on January 8th.

He was asked for his suitability to appear last April to determine whether he has the ability to face the judicial process.

Judge Claude Villeneuve of the Superior Court came to this conclusion on Monday at the Sherbrooke courthouse when reading the findings of the Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Karine Forget.

“We go back to square one on aptitude,” explains Marc-André Champagne of legal aid.

The psychiatrist asks to keep Tom Nero 60 days in the psychiatric wing to adjust his medication to treat him in relation to his psychosis.

Villeneuve J. made an order to that effect with respect to Tom Néron’s obligation to take the medication prescribed by his psychiatrist.

“After this delay, the psychiatrist is of the opinion that he could become fit,” says the prosecutor, Laïla Belgharras.

Me Marc-André Champagne of Legal Aid raised the question of whether it was not a jury that was coming to this verdict of non-suitability to stand trial.

“My goal is not to slow down the process. I wish the process to proceed according to the Criminal Code, “said Champagne, whose claim was rejected by Judge Villeneuve who returned Tom Néron to the care of the psychiatric department of the CHUS.

Tom Néron underwent an assessment of criminal responsibility at the time he allegedly stabbed his mother last January in Sherbrooke. This assessment was requested following the laying of the charges. She concluded that she was not criminally responsible at the material time.
The 35-year-old had testified in court to oppose this initial assessment of his fitness to appear.

It was while conducting the psychiatric evaluation of Tom Néron regarding his criminal responsibility at the time of the acts that the judicial psychiatrist could determine the uncontrolled psychosis of Tom Néron. According to the psychiatrist, Tom Néron has symptoms of psychosis, religious delusions. He needs to read several Bibles to compare and compare religions. His delirium spread to the Hôtel-Dieu where he was evaluated and where he had follow-ups. He fears that the hospital will turn him into a religious fanatic. The link between the hospital and its delusions is the name of the hospital, Hotel Dieu.

Tom Nero has been diagnosed with schizophrenia for about ten years. Tom Néron was assessed from mid-February to mid-April at the court’s request on his fitness at the time of the alleged acts.

Arlène Girard was the mother of ten children where Tom Néron was the eldest. He was staying at the family home where he was arrested as a result of the actions.

The file has been postponed to July 16th.

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