Tomas Plekanec: the example of the perfect blue collar

Tomas Plekanec: the example of the perfect blue collar

To ensure good preparation for the next season, the Montreal Canadiens organization sought to present its youngest players with a fine example of a “blue collar” and former striker Tomas Plekanec was, without the shadow of a doubt, the perfect man to participate in a webinar.

“When we did our virtual training camp with the players of the organization, we wanted a former and we had the idea of ​​bringing Tomas Plekanec, said Pierre Allard, director of sport science and performance with the Habs. , Tuesday, during a videoconference organized by the Montreal club. He explained the reality of a season in the National League [LNH], not just physically, but in terms of repeating the efforts to play several games a week. ”

The advice offered in mid-October by the man with the turtleneck may be particularly useful in the event of an upcoming season with a condensed schedule. Especially for young people in the process of establishing themselves like Nick Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi, or for those who push like Ryan Poehling and Russian defender Alexander Romanov.

“His work has been exemplary, not only for his way of doing in the training room, but also for how he has been consistent in his performance, resumed Allard, recalling that Plekanec had to go through the American League before to make the jump into the NHL. Taking into account the fact that he has played more than 1,000 games in the NHL, we wanted the young people to be able to benefit from all that experience, through the stages he had to go through. It clearly reflected the challenge that some players will have to face in the coming years. ”

Maintain a level of performance

In the short term, the Canadiens’ players will also have to redouble their efforts if the teams have to play several games continuously in a few days during the next season.

“In terms of playing three to four times a week, you can prepare it as much as you want, but until players have experienced this situation, it’s hard to imagine, noted Allard. It’s not only about playing three to four times a week, it’s about performing every time and maintaining a high level of performance. ”

Once again, as Allard pointed out, Plekanec was a fine example of a player able to repeat the same efforts game after game.

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