Tomorrow belongs to us : a big, unexpected revelation about Sofia coming up

Demain nous appartient : une grosse révélation inattendue sur Sofia à venir

Tomorrow belongs to us : a big, unexpected revelation about Sofia coming up

The Christmas period will not be any rest for the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. And for good reason, if we are to believe Tv Entertainment, a revelation will be a bombshell in Sète and disrupt the lives of Sofia and her loved ones. Warning, this article contains spoilers, don’t go further if you do not want to know.

Between the disasters (the bus accident and then the fire of the mas) and the revelations shocking, Tomorrow belongs to us does not let the viewers breathe for a very long time. You thought you’d be able to spend year-end holidays in the calm in front of your tv ? It is wrong to know the writers of the series to TF1.

William is not the biological father of Sofia but you know it well

Arrived this summer in Sète, Sofia (played by Emma Smet), and the family will be at the heart of a new plot, in Tomorrow belongs to us and not to be overlooked. According to Tv Entertainment, viewers will learn around Christmas time that William (Kamel Belghazi) is in fact not the father of Sofia. And for good reason, it would be… Samuel intracellular traffic (Axel Kiener) ! While Leila (Samira Lachaab) will be looking for a gift for her lover, she will discover that Samuel and Aurora (Julie Debazac) were very close and even lovers when William worked at The Meeting. In auscultant Sofia, Leila will discover that it has exactly the same birth mark that Samuel and make it so that he is his real father. #drama

What we book a new plot filled with emotions ! This summer, it is the family Lazzari, who has been at the centre of a plot similar in that Victory (Solène Herbert, learned that Sandrine (Juliette Tresanini) she thought was his sister was actually his mother. The hearts not finished breaking it in Tomorrow belongs to us

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