Tomorrow belongs to us : a spin-off in preparation on TF1 ?

Demain nous appartient : un spin-off en préparation sur TF1 ?

Tomorrow belongs to us : a future spin-off for the series of TF1 ?

In two years, Tomorrow belongs to us became the daily meeting of millions of viewers on TF1 and in the light of his success, his universe may well extend a little more on the chain. That is to say ? That is to say that a spin-off is currently in preparation. It tells you more.

The idea of a potential series derived from Tomorrow belongs to us is evoked, since the month of June : “The brand is strong enough that the thought had been given to develop other things. It is not banned anything, “said the director of programmes and acquisitions at TF1, Fabrice Bailly, in the Figaro. Except that the November 18, 2019, Anne Viau, artistic director of fiction, TF1 said to Puremédias that it is still “premature to talk about a spin-off or in any declension, with the exception of premiums.

A spin-off to Tomorrow belongs to us ?

Except that according to the info of le Figaro, a spin-off would actually be considered on the side of the French channel TF1 : “It would either be a variation of direct Tomorrow belongs to us, is a story completely new, but that would appeal to the comedians the shows, or having already played in Tomorrow belongs to us.” Actors as Hector Langevin (Bart), Marysole Fertard (Margot), Madder Teillet (Jessica) or Anne Caillon, of which the character is currently in a coma ?

For the moment, there is nothing concrete, especially as the chain prefers to remain cautious : “We have launched a development, but nothing is yet decided for the moment“, she says to the Figaro. If this project is brought to see the light of day, he could start in the summer of 2020, which is three years after the launch of Tomorrow belongs to us, and be aired between 18: 50 and 19.20, at the place of the franchise Welcome (Welcome, Welcome to the camping, Welcome to the family…) if one believes Puremédias.

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