Tomorrow belongs to us : Axel Kiener speaks on the revelation surrounding Sofia

Demain nous appartient : Axel Kiener se confie sur la révélation entourant Sofia

Tomorrow belongs to us : how is going to react Samuel learning that Sofia is his daughter ? Axel Kiener speaks

It is a big secret that was revealed in Tomorrow belongs to us : Samuel Chardeau is the biological father of Sofia (Emma Smet) ! If this info comes out, the family could well explode, but how will react the boyfriend of Laila to learn that he has a daughter ? And the sweetheart of Arthur ? Axel Kiener speaks on the continuation of the plot in TF1.

In Tomorrow belongs to us , the secrets kept for years sometimes, are always revealed in the great day. For the proof, the Victory was discovered that her biological mother is her “sister” Sandrine, Chemsa is not the girlfriend of Karim, but a witness that the cop protects it, or that Bart is the son of Anna and not Flora. In short, we did not have time to get bored, and this is not going to stop. The new plot of the series to TF1 we still reserve many surprises.

“The response of Samuel is a little too excessive,”

In the last few episodes of the Tomorrow belongs to us, Leila was discovered that Samuel and Dawn were lovers, it was ten-seven years old and Sofia is not the daughter of William but Samuel ! As you might expect, this secret will explode. In a recent interview with Tv Entertainment, Axel Kiener tells you about this crazy story : “As he has not managed to have children with Leila, Samuel is going to want to become the father he never was. He’s going to want to meet with Sofia, learn to know, to do things for her. His reaction is a bit too excessive since it falls on him from above !

The real question is : Samuel goes-does he want to Leïla to be part of his past ? The answer is no… on the contrary : “Samuel will eventually thank her for offering him this girl on a platter, him who wanted to be a father. It does him absolutely not and that will only strengthen their relationship, “explains the actor.

“Their goal is not to replace William”

And Sofia in all this ? Well, the character of Emma Smet “is going to have a violent reaction” upon learning that Samuel is her father as to admit that Axel Kiener : “in The beginning, she doesn’t want to hear about it. But it will say that there is something to explore, there is a curiosity on his part. Their goal is not to replace William, but to try to find a different relationship.

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