Tomorrow belongs to us, Camping Paradise… the salaries of the stars series French exposed ?

Demain nous appartient, Camping Paradis... les salaires des stars de séries françaises dévoilés ?

Tomorrow belongs to us, Camping Paradise… the salaries of the stars series French unveiled

Play Tomorrow belongs to us may be less a dream than playing in Grey’s Anatomy, but it pays to, however, not a lot of money. Key not at my post comes in the effect of revealing the salaries of some of the stars of the series the French as a More beautiful life, or Camping Paradise.

Play in a series in France, is it a good thing for his bank account ? If we rely on the revelations of the chronic Go-Go-Gossip in Key not at my post aired this Monday the 9th of December, this craft can actually bind us to friendship with our banker.

The big salaries in the world series in France

The issuance of Cyril Hanouna has been unveiled as the actors of a More beautiful life would be, to the contrary of their characters, regularly the good life through the stories imagined by the writers. And because they would affect between 300 and 1000€ per episode, depending on their precise role in the plot. Yes, it’s worth it to make suffer the characters through divorces, and times of mourning & other dramas.

But if France 3 is generous with its stars, TF1 is just as, or even more, with his own. Thus, on the side of Tomorrow belongs to us, Ingrid Chauvin would have been able to negotiate a fixed salary of 150 000€ per year. A very pretty sum, which is the reward for his involvement on the fiction daily, but which is still far from what can earn Mimie Mathy and Laurent Ournac with their own fictions.

According to Cyril Hanouna, the first would affect around 250 000€ per episode of Josephine, Guardian Angel (an average of 5 episodes per season), while the second empocherait 100 000 per episode of Camping Paradise (an average of 6 episodes per season).

Wages which do a lot more to dream that the series in question…

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