Tomorrow belongs to us : Chloe Delcourt pregnant, Ingrid Chauvin has “collapsed” on the set

Demain nous appartient : Chloé Delcourt enceinte, Ingrid Chauvin s'est "écroulée" sur le tournage

Tomorrow belongs to us : Chloe Delcourt pregnant, Ingrid Chauvin has “collapsed” on the set

It is a plot quite difficult as Ingrid Chauvin had to play on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us : if she is currently pregnant with a miracle baby, her character Chloe Delcourt has suffered a miscarriage. The actress has entrusted to them will be collapsed on the set and have cried before and after the catch.

The family of Tomorrow belongs to us grows. After the baby’s surprise, Margot (Marysole Fertard), this is Chloe Delcourt (Ingrid Chauvin) who is now pregnant after having followed a hormonal treatment. A miracle baby that came after that Chloe has suffered a miscarriage following the fire at the farmhouse. A plot especially difficult to play for Ingrid Chauvin, who has suddenly lost her daughter Jade in 2014, when she was only 5 months. “As early as last year, the authors had expressed the desire for a baby ‘DNA’. My only wish was not to reproduce what I was able to experience personally”, she explained to the Parisien.

Ingrid Chauvin has “collapsed” on the set of Tomorrow belongs to us

Despite this, the actress has collapsed several times, as she confided : “When it was in response to the disappearance of my daughter, it was very painful. I dreaded this shooting, which happened at the time of the anniversary of the date of his birth. I’m prepared psychologically. I am strong. In spite of everything, I’m still very fragile and I will always be. Some of the replies have been very hard to pronounce. We saw second-by-second what has been experienced. On the plateau, it went well, but I cried before and after. Me apart set me free”.

What the writers are planning for this miracle baby

As for the miracle baby of Chloe and Alex, it should arrive before the summer of 2020 and the fans of the series will see it grow. Moreover, according to le Parisien, the writers reserve already a fate that annoyed at this “baby survivor”. It promises !

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