Tomorrow belongs to us : Flora can get out of the coma ? Anne Caillon confides

Demain nous appartient : Flore peut-elle sortir du coma ? Anne Caillon se confie

Tomorrow belongs to us : Flora can get out of the coma ? Anne Caillon confides

Tomorrow belongs to us has still hit very hard with the episode of the fire aired on TF1 on Thursday, November 14, 2019. If most of the characters present in the plot were unharmed, Flora and Chloe, they were in the coma. Anne Caillon entrusts the future of his character, and answers the question : can he wake up ?

Flora will she die ?

Everything has gone up in smoke in Tomorrow belongs to us. While Judith, Jimmy, Bart, Chloe, Abigail, Anna, Bilel and others were to celebrate the birthday of Alex mas, a violent fire broke out, destroying the entire building. If most of them have managed to get out in time, Flora and Chloe, they are found trapped in the flames, both of them have been found unconscious, and Jules was gone. If the character of Ingrid Chauvin is in a coma natural, the mother of Bart has been plunged into a medically induced coma to treat his violent head injury.

Does she have any chance of survival ? The viewers are quite worried, but they shouldn’t be afraid, Flora was not going to die in the series of TF1 : “What has been really interesting to play is that during his coma, Flora is aware of it. She has a foreknowledge of things that happen around her. And we will hear it speak in his head, with a voice-over that I recorded subsequently. It was not easy to play any of it without that this is ridiculous, it was a real challenge. But Flora hears things, and when she wakes up, she no longer remembers really, it is pretty blurred, “said Anne Caillon at Allociné.

“She wants to get out of the coma”

Flora will also do everything to wake up in order to stop the war between her companion Arnaud and Bart (Hector Langevin) : “This is the reason why she will try, with the energy of life that remains to him, giving signs to the doctors. She tries to make them understand that it is there and that he should wake up, it must ensure (…) Flora was aware that something very serious is happening between Bart and Arnaud, and she wants to get out of the coma in order to understand and help them to get out of this situation that takes a turn very dramatic.

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