Tomorrow belongs to us : Lorie Railing (Lucy) back soon ? She responds

Demain nous appartient : Lorie Pester (Lucie) bientôt de retour ? Elle répond

Tomorrow belongs to us : Lorie Railing (Lucy) back soon ? She responds

While Maud Baecker (Anna) has temporarily left Tomorrow belongs to us there are few, the viewers are wondering when is the return of Lorie Rail, part in April 2019. Is it to soon ? The actress will she actually come back a year after his departure ? The interpreter of Lucia Salducci confides.

Just like Garance Teillet (Jessica), Marysole Fertard (Margaux) and Sandrine Salyéres (Gwen), Lorie Inveighing left Tomorrow belongs to us, to devote himself to “other work projects, and personal” as she announced in January 2019. It happened since his departure, between the arrival of the family Daunier, composed of William, Dawn, Sofia and Manon, the discovery of the secret of Sandrine, Victory and mother or even the death of Arnaud Molina. The actress has therefore missed a lot of episodes : it will have a taff on the way back.

“We’re going to make a point in the beginning of the year”

The return of Lorie Swearing in Tomorrow belongs to us shouldn’t delay as it is part of the series to TF1 in April 2019… at least there is a little change of programme : “With the production, we will redo a point in the beginning of the year. It was said that there would be a pause of about a year, but that will depend of the arches as they develop and my projects. If I don’t return as early as April, this will be for later“, she explains in an interview with Tv Leisure before saying that she will return, whatever happens : “DNA and me, this is not finished !

Lorie Inveighing imagine then as her character Lucy Salducci might be back in the show : “I let the authors, who are doing a great work, think. I am sure they will find a great idea, as for the output from Lucy, which nobody expected. When she left, she had given in her resignation so, if she comes back, she would no longer be a cop in any case. What could be funny is that it has a conflict with Aurora.

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