Tomorrow belongs to us : Maud Baecker (Anna) temporarily leaves the series, the reasons revealed

Demain nous appartient : Maud Baecker (Anna) quitte temporairement la série, les raisons dévoilées

Tomorrow belongs to us : Maud Baecker (Anna) on the departure, the reasons for his break revealed

In Tomorrow belongs to us, the actors leave and then come back after a few weeks or a few months. Today, it is the turn of Maud Baecker, present in the series of TF1 since the launch in 2017, to take a little break. Don’t worry, his departure is only temporary, but for what reasons she decided to leave the series ?

After Lorie Railing (Lucie), Linda Hardy (Clementine) and Samy Gharbi (Karim), who is back in Tomorrow belongs to us for Christmas, another actress has made the decision to be absent during some time. Yes, as you will understand with the last few episodes, Maud Baecker leaves the series of TF1, on a temporary basis (not to panic). Her character Anna is gone for a few months in Algeria for a story, but also to get away from Karim and Chemsa, the witness is protected by the cop.

Why Maud Baecker leaves it Tomorrow belongs to us ?

The flashback between sister Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) and the police officer is not immediately. Sorry to disappoint you ! The positive point is that their reunion will be even better with a bit of patience but otherwise, what is the reason Maud Baecker would like to take a break after having spent two years in the French show ?

As revealed by Allociné, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us need to “dedicate himself to new projects“, including the drama of The Circle of illusionists , Alexis Michalik, “which will play until the beginning of April 2020, at the Théâtre de l’oeuvre in Paris“. The site specifies that it should return in the series at the time of the birth of baby Alex and Chloe, is around June.

Another actress takes a break

Just as Maud Baecker, Samira Lachhab (Leïla Beddiar) leaves it as Tomorrow belongs to us to recharge your batteries, but don’t worry, his departure is not final : “She just one month, she works on other projects, and then it comes back in the series. She does not leave the series. It hasn’t really been presented as it should be. It is just a little interruption and it comes back very quickly in the series, “said Julie Debazac (Aurora Jacob) to Allociné.

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