Tomorrow belongs to us : “Some characters will be in danger of death” after the fire

Demain nous appartient : "Certains personnages vont être en danger de mort" après l'incendie

Tomorrow belongs to us : characters in danger of death after the fire ? Ingrid Chauvin confides

Everything is going to switch in Tomorrow belongs to us this Wednesday 13 November 2019. A new drama is expected : a large fire will endanger the characters of the series for TF1 such as Chloe, Alex, Flora, Maxim, or even Bart, but some of them may die ? What impact will this disaster ? Ingrid Chauvin and Anne Caillon trust.

A year after the bus crash quite impressive, the inhabitants of Sète will once again be immersed in the terror with the story “Fire” from Tomorrow belongs to us. What will happen ? While Chloe, Bart, Maxime, Judith (Alice Varela), Flora and the other celebrating the anniversary of Alex mas, the evening turns to tragedy when a large fire occurs. A large fire “which will have consequences on the entire community in sete, “says the artistic director of the fictional French TF1, Anne Viau.

A fire in the “dramatic consequences”

All of the victims will they be unscathed ? The viewers are concerned and they will be even more so, after the confidences of Ingrid Chauvin and Anne Caillon on the disaster : “Some characters will be in danger of death, others will end up in the hospital (…) What I can tell you, it is, in respect of Chloé, it is not so much the fire that its consequences will be dramatic for her (…) She is not going to be the usual heroine who rescues all the world. This time, she’s going to suffer, “says the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us in the interview with the magazine Télé Star.

The interpreter of Flora, she says : “Flora, she will fall in coma for the third time. She will hear and perceive things. Has his alarm clock, she will have to manage this foreknowledge. This are scenes that are difficult to play because we want to avoid at all costs the caricature and pathos.” In short, you should expect a plot just as shock as the bus crash.

A tough shoot and terrifying

In any case, this footage has not been easy for the actors of the series to TF1 : “It was one of the filming is the most difficult I have had to do. There was a lot of smoke, tension, apprehension. We shot it in an enclosed area and I have it pretty badly”, says Ingrid Chauvin before adding : “I have found it to be horribly scary (…) I was checking all the accessories, gas tanks, access… (…) I was not comfortable at all. It was even terrifying to me.” Hot !

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