Tomorrow belongs to us : what’s next for Flora after the death of Arnaud ? Anne Caillon answers

Demain nous appartient : quelle suite pour Flore après la mort d'Arnaud ? Anne Caillon répond

Tomorrow belongs to us : what’s next for Flora after the death of Arnaud ? Anne Caillon answers

It is the drama in Tomorrow belongs to us ! While Flora was preparing to marry with Arnaud, his companion was gone at the time of the ceremony… before being found dead. What will he now go to and his son Bart (involved in the death of his father-in-law ?) ? Anne Caillon confide and reacts to the departure of Robert Plagnol.

Decidedly, Flora Vallorta does not have a lot of luck in love in Tomorrow belongs to us ! His story with Gregory Auclair (the hidden son of Leonard Vallorta) has not lasted, she discovered that her ex Thomas Delcourt, that she has cheated with Mattéo Gualandi, is an assassin and his companion Arnaud Molina is a criminal. But still ? Well, Arnaud is dead on the day of his marriage with Flora. His death was no doubt a link with the traffic of dogs, which takes place on the port which he had the direction.

“Flora will have to rebuild it”

A new blow to the friend of Anna (Maud Baecker) all the more that his son Bart is going to be involved in this murder because of his conflict with his father-in-law. So what is the sequel to Flora and the character of Hector Langevin ? “What happens to Flora, is all the more dramatic that his son is involved ! The path will be long for Flora. His son is his life, and it is him that has made him the most harm. Forgiveness is complicated, “says Anne Caillon to Tv Leisure.

The actress of Tomorrow belongs to us then asked : “Flora had the feeling that she does not know so well Bart, while she has raised and loved. She is deceived about Arnaud and she will discover a side of her son she did not suspect. All of this is going to be very hard to accept. Flora is going to have to rebuild…

“The characters that are disappearing, it is a small death”

The departure of Robert Plagnol (Arnaud) is quite unexpected, but how did Anne Caillon in the face of this new ? “We all know that it can happen to us, in relation to the plots. In the last scene that Arnaud and I have played it, it was on the table at the morgue. It was weird. Everyone is always a little sad to leave but we talk, we exchange around it. And this feeling helps to play… The characters that are disappearing, it is a small death, a small piece of self that disappears“, she confesses.

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