Too bad it is summer !

Tant pis c’est l’été !

The shambles bleak falls Rawdon was enough to raise the outrage. The magnitude of the I-me-foutisme, the vulgarity of the excesses we have offered a scene desolate, unworthy of the sacrifices made by the whole of society for the past three months.

However, if the size of the plunge was dramatic, it should not obscure a phenomenon much more widespread : the loosening of the summer.

Families are too pressured to have their ice cream to meet the two meters, a group in search of shade on a park bench, another who is too anxious to go to the SAQ… the list is long.

This is not to mention the hustle and bustle of a day camp in at least one park in NDG, Montreal.

It’s simple, the well-being of the individual has finally won the arm wrestling in the face of the collective duty to protect each other.

Long live the traders

Finally, fortunately, the traders have understood the message.

Limit the number of clients, disinfectant compulsory, arrows in the aisles, masks, visors and gloves for all staff, their discipline is their bulwark to save what remains of their bread and butter.

Fortunately. Because, finally, they mount the guard to the end of arm. In the Face of the reckless growing, they remind us that the threat of lethal of the COVID-19 is not dissipated.

Confused Message

Dr. Horacio Arruda is sorry about the low compliance of the instructions. It is even feared that Quebec will eventually ” pay ” in the second wave.

However, it should not be surprised.

In the era of collective discipline in march and April, the fear of the virus was everywhere, the message was simple (stay at home).

In the beginning of summer, it is just the opposite. The fear has given way to the ras-le-bol. The message is more confused.

“Conditional release “, déconfinement variable geometry, optional mask, the signals are contradictory.

Not only the prime minister, Legault has it been eclipsed, even his new minister of health is notable by its absence.

When the government decides to announce by press release, a June 24, that he no longer publish the balance sheet daily, and then he reverses his decision on Twitter, it is the point at which it has turned the page on the climate of hyper-vigilance worthy of the threat.

Finally, the relaxation of the population is in tune with that of its leaders.

What do you want, it is summer !

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