Too late to stop the COVID-19 in the United States?

Trop tard pour freiner la COVID-19 aux √Čtats-Unis?

By reading the title, you might be tempted to accuse me of a bit of sensationalism, but it is the secretary of health and human services Alex Azar, who urged his fellow citizens to comply with sound hygiene measures to avoid the disaster.

While it confirms a strong increase of the spread in the south-west and the south of the country, Azar added his voice to those of many specialists feel that the epidemic may soon be out of control. He insists on wearing the masks and social distancing.

Unfortunately, Azar, however, the choice of Donald Trump, can only rely on a collaboration with a very active of her boss and a too large number of governors (including some democrats). He is forced to ask directly to his fellow citizens to act responsibly.

The task of the secretary is complex because the United States has been fighting the epidemic a political fight at least as much as a public health issue. Caricaturing to one sentence we could say that if you wear a mask you are a democrat and if you are a republican. Such a polarization on public health issues in a context that is also precarious is not only unproductive, it is irresponsible.

In spite of everything, there are a few glimmers of hope that our neighbors to the south should quickly encourage. If the president continues to refuse to wear a mask and that his gathering of Tulsa has demonstrated that it puts more emphasis on the political map before the whole thing, the vice-president acts more responsibly and a few elected republicans have agreed to participate in the many political broadcasts of Sunday to support a message of caution.

If nobody is going to deny the importance of individual responsibility and local authorities to improve the balance american, I deplore the fact, however, that the individual figure of the most influential of the country continues to deny the problem or under-estimate.

You may have noticed that the most recent interventions of the working group on the coronavirus have not taken place at the White House, but to the department of health and social services? The symbol is eloquent : if one wants to convince Americans of the seriousness of the situation, it is done without that the occupant of the White House do not come to hinder our efforts. Sad and disturbing all at once…

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