too little too late

Too little too late


HAMILTON | Faced with the Tiger-Cats whose defense they feared, the Alouettes tried to come back late in the game on Thursday to Hamilton, but the damage suffered in the third quarter ultimately proved insurmountable. 

Lossed 24-17, the Montreal team now shows a dismal record of 2-5 this season.&nbsp ;

And as a misfortune rarely happens alone, quarterback Trevor Harris left the field in the final moments of the game, after taking a tackle from Richard Leonard. 

He is an independent observer who has made the decision to take the pivot out of the game, fearing that the latter would suffer from a concussion. 

A decision that did not seem to please interim head coach Danny Maciocia. Asked after the clash whether his veteran was now on concussion protocol, Maciocia curtly replied, “It depends who you ask.

“I haven't spoken to him yet, he added, but I think he's fine.”

Dominique Davis jumped into the fray to try to close the gap in the last game of the match. 

But the quarterback had yet to throw a ball in the game and his pass attempt went straight from Kameron Kelly, which put an end to the Alouettes' hopes of a comeback.

For the visitors, the evil had, however, been made long before this interception. Montreal lacked opportunism in the first half. Three times, “the Sparrows” took possession of the ball in Hamilton's territory. ) nor his receivers were able to take advantage of it, and the Alouettes then had to settle for two field goals, including one from 44 yards by David Côté. 

Hamilton, for his part, opened the machine in the second and third quarters, scoring 10 points and 14 points respectively. 

They were right

This week, both Harris and Maciocia said they feared the Tiger-Cats defensive line, which roughed up the starting quarterback in the Eastern semifinals last year. 

The two men were right to be wary: on five occasions, the American was knocked to the ground by the colossi of Hamilton, including at the end of the meeting, when he was forced to leave the field. 

< p>For its part, the Montreal defense was still unable to stop the opponent. On average, since the start of the campaign, she has allowed 28 points per game. 

The head coach, however, refused to blame them for the loss, recalling that it was not was only 10 to 6 in favor of the hosts after a half. 

Maciocia believes that the Alouettes “didn't play their Thursday game”, and that they will have to learn “to play four quarters, not just one”.

Lewis shines in his round

Indeed, the last 15 minutes of the confrontation were all to the advantage of Montreal, who scored 11 points. 

Quebecer Hergy Mayala had the only touchdown of the game, after which his team managed a two-point conversion. . He caught eight balls, for gains of 154 yards. 

“There are still some great performances to remember from this game,” pointed out Maciocia, also highlighting that of rookie Tyson Philpot , who returned two punts, including one for 58 yards.

Lewis disagreed with his boss. “We have to stop winning one game and then losing the next. We have to jump on the field and give everything we have, regardless of the opponent, ”he hammered.