Too many dead in the waters of Québec

Trop de morts dans les eaux du Québec

Nora T. Lamontagne ,
Anne-Sophie Perry ,
Jonathan Smith ,
Caroline Lepage and
QMI agency

The tragedies are multiplying on the bodies of water in Québec, then, that 56 people have lost their lives by drowning or accident according to the data listed by the lifesaving Society from press reviews. The Journal puts a face on these tragic events.

Six snowmobilers fall in the lake Saint-Jean

21 January | Yann Thiery (24 years old), Jean-René Dumoulin (age 24), Arnaud, Antoine (age 25), Julien Benoit (34 years old), Gilles Claude (age 58) and Benoit Expectancy (42 years)

A hike has ended in tragedy for a group of eight French tourists, and their guide, who were in a sector not marked for Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, in the Lac-Saint-Jean. Snowmobilers have all sunk into the icy waters of lake Saint-Jean. Three have managed to regain the land and to alert the authorities. Unfortunately, the guide montrealers Benoit Expectancy lost life, as five French tourists.

Death in a fun way too close to the water

16 march | Ryan Rousseau (6 years)

Two children were playing near a river in Saint-Colomban, in Laurentides, when one of them fell to the water.

The police arrived very quickly on the scene, but one of the boys was killed in the crash.

The child’s mother, Valerie Stevens, says it is the first collateral victims of the COVID-19, because the small would have normally been safe at school if there had been no pandemic.

Body discovered

March 27 | Male (63 years)

A man 63 years of age, who had been missing in Laval since December 7, 2019, has been discovered on the edge of the river of the Thousand Islands, on 27 march. His inert body, which was recovered by the Service de police de Terrebonne, floated to the edge of the river behind a residence in Terrebonne.

He drowns trying to save his dog

3 April | Man (milf)

A man in his thirties has drowned in the waters of the rivière des Prairies, Laval, attempting to save the life of his dog, the 3 April.

He fell into the frigid water near the island Paton, in the neighbourhood of Chomedey, and would have been swept away by the current.

The dog has managed to get back on the mainland, but not the man. His body was recovered on may 10, in Montreal.

Lack of air by installing piers

6 April | Stéphane Parent (48 years)

A marina owner Beloeil has had no luck when he ran out of air by installing piers for the summer season, on the 6th of April last. Stéphane Parent, 48 years old and co-owner of the Marina on the Richelieu 2.0, drowned in the river Richelieu, then it was setting up its wharves in anticipation of the summer season.

“It ran out of oxygen while diving, he fainted, and his jacket was not inflated, so he drowned “, told the Newspaper his daughter Cassandra. This last is described as, ” a very good father, an avid boating and travel “.

“We had a family business and were a really strong family. He always thought of others to make them happy before you even think about him. He was with my mother since they were 16 years of age. My mother, my brother and I were his greatest pride. He talked all the time in many of us, ” she continued.

“It is a difficult time, but know that Stéphane you appreciated them all and that this marina was his dream “, could we read on the page Facebook of his company after his death.

“Stéphane was fond of boating and a boss beyond compare. I will miss you my friend “, has also written to his colleague Serge Chouinard.

Disappeared after his shift

April 19, | Guang Tong Tan (24 years old)

The body of Guang Tong Tan, who was missing since march 16, was recovered over a month later on the banks of the St. Lawrence river, the parc Léon-Gravel, in Brossard. The young man, aged 24 years, who resided in Brossard, had been seen for the last time at the end of their shift to the company, Spectra Premium located in Boucherville.

Found after 6 months of research

29 April | Maxime Landry, 28 years old

The body of Maxime Landry has been found on 30 April on the bank of the river Restigouche, Pointe-à-la-Croix in the Gaspé. The man, 28-year-old had been missing since October 10, 2019, at Carleton-sur-Mer.

Grim discovery

3 may | Unknown

Hikers have discovered a corpse on the shores of the municipality of Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, located on The Green Island near Rivière-du-Loup, on 2 may last. The identity of the victim remains unknown to the authorities.

Body recovered in Longueuil

16 may | Man (quarantine)

The body of a man in his forties was found floating on the river St. Lawrence, may 16, at the height of the marina de Longueuil. According to the Sûreté du Québec, it is a boater who spotted the body in the drift.

A student from Togo, dies in Chicoutimi

20 may | Kossi Agbalenyo (28 years old)

A student from Togo was killed during a hiking trip with friends on the banks of the Chicoutimi river.

Kossi Agbalenyo wanted to soak his t-shirt in cold water to cool off when he has accidentally lost his footing and was swept off.

“The current was so strong and fast that he had no chance,” said Luc Tardif, communications manager of the Service de police de Saguenay. Mr. Agbalenyo completed a master’s degree in engineering at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi since 2019, says his LinkedIn web page, with a specialization in materials engineering.

A fisherman dark in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

May 21 | Robert Beaulieu (67)

Robert Beaulieu, a great lover of trout fishing, drowned in a private lake to Saint-Mathieu-d Harricana in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, last may 21.

His boat empty was spotted by a citizen who immediately notified the authorities. His body was recovered a few hours later.

The Sûreté du Québec confirmed that it is an accidental death, but is not able to confirm the cause of death.

Learning the sad news, Jean-Yves Thibeault, one of its partners in the fishing, immediately thought that he had ” lost a second father “.

The electrician’s retirement had a big heart and helped everyone, remembers with emotion, Mr. Thibeault.

A fake not fatal

21 may | Peter “Pete” Normandeau (66 years)

By the evening of may, Pierre “Pete” Normandeau was wearing “flip-flops” when he lost his footing and fell four meters to the bottom, in the Ottawa river which borders the grounds of his house in Campbell’s Bay, before you drown.

This is all the more sad that he was a good swimmer and loved being on the water, ” says his older brother, Oscar Normandeau.

“He had a beautiful life,” console-t-it.

Pierre Normandeau has worked for the ministry of Transport of Quebec for more than three decades before retiring a few years ago.

“Pete could be very expressive, but also a man of few words “, emphasizes his view of death, in English. It was a great outdoorsman and music.

Found after 4 months of research

23 may | Simon Martel, 18 years old

A young man 18 years of age, missing since the end of the month of January to Terrebonne, has been found lifeless on the banks of the rivière des Mille-Îles, Laval.

The body of Simon Martel was discovered on may 23. He had been seen for the last time on the rue Chapleau in Terrebonne, on the 25th of January, at around one in the morning, while he was visiting friends.

His close family and the emergency services of the municipality had taken many steps to trace him.

A group outing ends badly

24 may | Twasik Mohamed Marah (24 years)

A 24-year old man drowned during an outing organised by a processing center in the dependencies in Shawinigan, in the Mauricie region.

Twasik Mohamed Marah was to swim to a small island in the middle of the Shawinigan river when it was likely to have been sucked towards the bottom. Bathers and a caseworker tried to help him, to no avail.

“I can tell you that it was very much appreciated by his colleagues of therapy,” points out France Bouffard, director-general of the pavilion of the Addiction, where Mr. Marah was hosted. “It is an activity that we take for 22 years and it was never nothing happened,” she adds.

A bathing fatal

30 may | Daughter (4 years old)

A 4 year-old child drowned in the swimming pool of a private residence in Terrebonne. According to information from the lifesaving Society, the child wanted to swim, and would have benefited from a moment of inattention to get in the inground pool.

Date unknown


The lifesaving Society reports the death of a child by drowning found at the CHU Sainte-Justine. It is assumed, therefore, that the victim was from the greater Montreal area. His identity, the date of his death and the circumstances of the tragedy remain, however, unknown.

Body recovered in Sorel-Tracy

June 2 | Man

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) has recovered the body of a man, the 2 June, in the morning, in the river St. Lawrence, at the height of Sorel-Tracy. “The body has still not been identified. The investigation is now in the hands of the Office of the coroner, ” said the spokesperson for the SQ, Valerie Beauchamp.

Frozen to death under the eyes of his father

6 June | Samuel Bergeron Larivière (20 years)

On a fishing trip, father-son on the Manicouagan reservoir, in Rivière-aux-Outardes on the North Shore, has turned to tragedy after their boat was sunk by hitting a rock. The father, William Billy Larivière, managed to bring his son Samuel Bergeron Larivière, 20 years, up to the riverbank. Unfortunately, the frigid waters, even in the month of June, the reservoir will have been fatal to the young man, who died of hypothermia. The father and the son, from Fermont, were wearing their floatation jacket at the time of the accident.

Remains found at the top of the Montmorency falls

June 16 | Man

The body of a man was recovered on the banks of the Montmorency river. The Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) is unaware of the identity of the victim and the causes and the circumstances of his death, has confirmed the officer Pierre Poirier of the SPVQ. The investigation is now in the hands of the coroner’s Office.

He perished far from his own

19 June | Amarpreet Singh Mudhar (20 years)

On a day when the scorching, Amarpreet Singh Mudhar, a student of indian origin, drowned in the Jacques-Cartier river, at the height of Stoneham-and-Tewkesbury. The 20 year old young man, accompanied by a group of friends, has probably wanted to cool off as the mercury beat temperature records June 19. He would have suddenly disappeared under the water as he drifted in the river without a floatation jacket.

“We were like brothers, says his roommate Himanshu Bhalla. It was full of life, everyone loved him as soon as he met him. “

Arrived in Canada in December 2018, Amarpreet Singh Mudhar was studying hospitality management at La Salle College Montreal. Over $ 28,000 has been raised on the platform GoFundMe in order to repatriate his body to his parents in India.

A small family cut short by an accident to watercraft

20 June | Edith Gélinas (32 years old), Alexandre Gauthier (34 years old) and Mavrick (4 years)

A couple and their child were killed in a tragic accident to watercraft on the waters of the St. Lawrence river, at the height of Nicolet.

Edith Atwood, age 32, Alexandre Gauthier, 34, and their 4-year old son, Mavrick, were very close to the marina of the Club nautique de la Batture when the accident occurred. A friend of the father who was near by watercraft would have been a distraction, momentary and smashed into their boat, leaving them no chance. An investigation will determine if their death was caused by drowning or by the violent impact of the collision.

The two parents leave in the mourning of their other child, Méliann, who was not aboard the watercraft that day.

Drowning in the parc de la Yamaska

20 June | Ahmad Wali Merzai (36 years old)

A man who knew not probably not swim and drowned at the parc de la Yamaska, in Roxton Pond, Montérégie. Ahmad Wali Merzai was taking advantage of the beautiful time at the beach with friends in the afternoon when the drama unfolded. The emergency services have attempted cpr without success.

The victim had done studies in administration and monitoring of French language courses at the cegep of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Body floating in Beaumont

June 20 | Man

The Sûreté du Québec has recovered the body of a man, which floated on the St. Lawrence river at the height of the municipality of Beaumont, on the South Shore of Quebec city, on the 20th of June at night. It is a citizen who alerted the police. Peace officers are able to reach the body in the early evening, but they needed the assistance of the fire department of Quebec, to extirpate the remains of the water. A survey is conducted to know the identity of the victim and establish the circumstances of his death.

A mother of two children lost his life

21 June | Fanny Mantha (30 years)

The body of a teacher of the child was discovered in the Ottawa river, in Gatineau, not far from the marina Leblanc. Fanny Mantha, a mother of two boys, was a ride in a boat with another person when the accident took place.

“Her eyes sparkled when she talked about her children day care. The children were his passion “, one can read in his obituary.

The police Department of the City of Gatineau is continuing its investigation in order to understand the course of events that led to his death.

Tragic death in a swimming pool

22 June | Boy (3 years old)

A 3 year old child has died in the family pool of a residence in Charlesbourg. The toddler would have managed to open the door of the gallery leading to the pool and would have fallen, during a short moment of inattention of the person who was watching them.

The arrival of the authorities, the little boy, who was to celebrate his 4th birthday in a few days, was already in a critical situation. He died a few hours later.

“You’re going to greatly miss you my love, my baby, my little happiness for me [ … ], I love you very much, rest in peace,” wrote his older sister on social networks.

A young dad left us too early

24 June | Tyson Jones Letto (34 years)

Three boys at a young age will grow up without their father, who died drowned in the lake, Big Pond, near Blanc-Sablon. Tyson Jones Letto lost his life by jumping into the water to try to catch a boat to drift.

Pictures posted on a group on Facebook in his honour suggest that there is a loving father, hockey fan at times.

A challenge that runs to the drama

29 June | Laurent Messier (79 years)

A few days before his 80 birthday, Laurent Messier jumped out to achieve, “the challenge of his life” : crossing by kayak of lake Champlain from Saint-Armand, Montérégie.

The day of his departure, on June 29, the lake was “like a mirror,” recalls his wife, Lise Fortin. However, despite years of kayak experience, a floatation jacket and a patent of a national lifeguard, Laurent Messier did not return alive from this expedition.

His boat red was found in the United States, late in the night, and on 2 July, the day of his birthday, his body was recovered.

The Sûreté du Québec was not able to specify the exact cause of death.

“My husband, he was a superman. He has never had the air of his age, ” recalls his widow. The physical education teacher at retirement, a father of five and grandfather of 14 times, took advantage of every opportunity to get out of his kayak.

Today, Lise Fortin wishes to recall the importance of practicing water sports with. “One should never venture out alone, even if it is a very good swimmer,” she says.

Death at the border between Quebec and Ontario

3 July | Teenager (14 years old)

A 14-year old who was messing around with friends and jump into the Ottawa river from the railway bridge on Prince of Wales, which connects Ottawa and Gatineau, is drowned to death.

After a fall of several meters, it is not back up to the surface, says the Ottawa police service. Divers finally recovered his body three days later.

A fisherman in his seventies lost his life

4 July | Paul-Yvon Pelletier (age 71)

A man of 71 years gone fishing on the Big Black river and drowned near Saint-Pamphile, in Chaudière-Appalaches.

“According to preliminary information, the man would have fallen accidentally to his fishing boat,” said the spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec, Valérie Beauchamp.

The victim’s relatives brought the body on the riverbank before she was transported to a hospital. In the notice of the death of Mr. Pelletier, the family thanked ” all the people who have tried to do the impossible during this unfortunate accident.”

Bambine died in a swimming pool in Noyan

July 4th | little Girl (3 years old)

A family lives a nightmare since the death of his little girl of 3 years who was found lifeless one morning in the swimming pool of a residence of the municipality of Noyan, in Montérégie. The tragedy happened in the above ground swimming pool of a house in the path of the 3rd Concession. In the middle of the afternoon, it was unfortunately confirmed the death of the child.

Passionate about chinese culture loses the life

5 July | Gabrielle Boudreau (68 years)

Gabrielle Boudreau, master of tai chi greatly appreciated, was swept away by the current of the Rouge River in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.

“When I think of it, it gives me the taste to yell “, drops his little brother, Daniel Boudreau.

She was accompanied by her friend Isabelle Simard, who has survived “by miracle” drowning by clinging to a rock. The two women were engulfed in the eddies of the river trying to cross it to get to a beach.

The survivor encourages holiday makers to exercise caution, recommending that you analyse the river and to consult the local people before embarking on the water.

“I’ve had feelings of shame and responsibility,” admits Isabelle Simard, who had invited his girlfriend to enjoy the area. Gabrielle Boudreau, 68 years of age, was so in shape “they thought she was going to live up to 100 years,” says Ms. Simard.

“[Gabrielle] was a strong woman and an infinite tenderness. She is irreplaceable, “adds the cultural reporter Francine Grimaldi, who is mourning the loss of” his sister, his friend.”

Expert in martial arts is involved since a long time at the Montreal chinese community, organizing each year the lion dance for the seniors of the chinese Hospital.

A buddhist, she spoke fluent cantonese and mandarin. Several the knew under the name of Sifu Gabrielle (” master ” Gabrielle). “In the past 40 years, Gabrielle has been involved in hundreds of activities and cultural exchanges with the chinese community,” stresses Howard Low, who taught him kung-fu in the 1970s.

A dark-haired man in the swimming pool of a campsite

5 July | Claude Dagenais (74)

On a beautiful Sunday summer, Claude Dagenais, 74 years old, was found lifeless in the swimming pool of the Campsite Gemini on the rang Saint-Charles, Havelock, Montérégie. The camper seasonal a native of Sainte-Catherine had set up his camper for the season. He had been frequenting the place alone for a few months, according to the owner, Daniel Caron. While he rafraîchissait in the pool, the man was found to be inert for a reason still unknown to authorities. Like Mr. Caron, the Sûreté du Québec does not exclude that it could have been the victim of a malaise in the water before you drown.

Drowning in spite of the residential pool secure

8 July | Boy (3 years old)

Despite the fence locked around the swimming pool, a toddler was found drowned in a residential pool located on Kirby Hill Road in Kahnawake. “It’s a tragedy, said the spokesman of the Peacekeepers of Kahnawake, Kyle Zachary. Everything has been done to ensure the safety around the pool. It is not known how the boy has managed to go beyond the fence. “

Teen found without a life jacket

10 July | Alexis Juma (17 years)

The body of Alexis Juma has been found in the waters of the Great lake Saint-François, Lambton, by the divers from the Sûreté du Québec after five days of research.

The teenager from Sherbrooke would have fallen a tube inflatable pulled by a boat, July 5. We would have lost sight of soon after the fall and he was not wearing a floatation jacket. According to the company, The Complex, The Source, who has rented the boat to the young man and his friends, the latter would have refused the life jackets, despite the insistence of the owner.

Drama in a residential pool

10 July | little Girl (3 years old)

A girl was found drowned in the swimming pool of a private residence in Sorel-Tracy, in the Montérégie region.

In the aftermath of the tragedy that has occurred in a family-friendly neighborhood, neighbors were still shaken.
“There are many young families and children in this neighborhood. We were all shaken up immediately, ” reported Julie Chapdelaine, who has a little girl aged 4 years.

A child drowns in a swimming pool

10 July | Boy (2 years)

A toddler of 2 years old was found dead in a residential pool on the way Georges in Saint-Paul, in Lanaudière.

Carried away by the current

10 July | John Robitaille (61)

A sexagenarian has been swept away by the current of the Jacques-Cartier river to the beach of the parc des Draveurs, to Shannon, a place where problems had been recently raised by citizens.

We had to wait until the next day to recover the body of John Robitaille, a native of the Quebec city region.

“It was downstream, not really very far from the place where it was seen for the last time,” says the spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec, Anik Lamirande.

The municipality of Shannon had promised to closely monitor the access to the beach after the excesses of hundreds of bathers carefree since the beginning of the summer.

A reckless and died living water

12 July | Sing Gurung Mandal (27 years)

Despite the warnings, Sing Gurung Mandal has decided to go for a swim in the sector of Pebbles of Red Bridge where accidents and drownings are increasing.

“I told him not to go swimming. Why he did not listen to me ? ” lance Alyson Beaulieu, 22 years old, a friend of the victim.

The man of nepalese origin lived in Quebec for several years with his family.

On 12 July, he and a band of friends had planned to go for a swim at the Rollers in the Jacques-Cartier river. The place is steep, dangerous, and drownings are frequent.

“The day before his death, I told him to be careful, says Ms. Beaulieu. I’ve specified that a number of people die each year, and that I didn’t want it happening to him. He told me that I was not to worry. “

The victim would have been washed away by the current after you have left the shore and then would have been unable to regain the shore.

The glass too

12 July | André Dumas (age 56)

A 56 year old man highly intoxicated by alcohol and drowned in the lake du Moulin in Sainte-Julienne, in the Lanaudière region.

“Avoid alcohol, floating docks, and stay cautious even at the age of 56, it is necessary to repeat,” says Chantale Side, the wife of André Dumas, who passed away after straying alone on the small artificial lake with a private beach a few meters from his home.

“I have not yet seen the autopsy report, but it would have hit my head,” she continues. It is a small beach which is well plain with an artificial lake of not even 20 feet deep. It’s banal like that. “

Since the accident, she claims to be even more vigilant when she goes to the beach. “I watch even the children of others,” she said.

Death for his boat remotely operated

13 July | Marcel Fleury (50 years)

It is necessary at all costs to avoid the risk, when one is on the water, warns the widow of Marcel Fleury, who died as he tried to recover by swimming his boat remotely operated which derived, on the Richelieu river.

“Marcel, it was a child in the soul,” remembers Martine Gélinas, moved, with whom he shared his life for 30 years. He was so fond of play. “

The 13 July to 19 h, the 50 year old man was on the banks of the Richelieu river, a few miles from his home. “He absolutely wanted to try his boat before dinner,” continues Ms. Gélinas. Vers 19 h 20, the spacecraft had stopped a dozen meters from the shore. The batteries were flat.

“He jumped into the water to fetch his boat,” she continues. With the effort to come back against the current, he had a heart attack. He lost consciousness and drowned in a few minutes. ”

A fan of the engines died

July 17 | David Withers (age 32)

A lover of engines, who resided at Bois-des-Filion lost their lives in the lake Beaulac in Chertsey, in the Lanaudière region. These are people on the shore who saw the lifeless body of David Withers, in the water, shortly after 16 h. they have attempted to resuscitate, but in vain. “Everything suggests that this is an accidental drowning,” said Ingrid Asselin of the Sûreté du Québec.

Never recovered from its swim

18 July | Jacques Pouliot (65)

A sexagenarian was found lifeless in the lake, the Golden to Val-David in the Laurentians. According to information provided by the Sûreté du Québec, Jacques Pouliot had left to swim alone and, as it was no longer, his loved ones have contacted 911. The area of the rue du Tour-du-Lac has first been raked, and then the research moved on the lake where his body was discovered.

To the water to cool off

18 July | Luc Genesse (59 years)

A fisherman who could not swim and was not wearing a floatation jacket has perished in the Saint-Maurice river trying to cool off. The scorching heat has pushed Luke Genesse to jump into the living water of the river that he thought was shallow, the height of Rapides-des-Cœurs, while he was alone in his boat. The residents of Bécancour, enjoying a fishing trip family north of La Tuque, in the Haute-Mauricie. He promptly started to panic when he realized that he was not touching the bottom of the water, according to the Sûreté du Québec.

Annie Genesse, one of the daughters of the victim, recalled on Facebook the importance of wearing a floatation jacket on the water even if it is uncomfortable.

He slipped on a pebble

18 July | Aman Randhana (19 years)

A foreign student from India was drowned in the river Sainte-Anne in Saint-Alban, in the RCM of Portneuf. The body of Aman Randhana has been recovered not far from there the next morning, around 9: 30 a.m., by divers from the Sûreté du Québec. The latter was missing for 18 h, Saturday. Witnesses have seen the man in the portion of the river passing through the municipality of Saint-Alban. While he was with four friends, he lost his footing on a pebble, before being whisked away by the current. They tried to rescue him before calling the authorities. The young man of 19 years, was not wearing a floatation jacket and could not swim, according to his friends interviewed by the investigators.

The weight to keep it at the bottom of the water

20 July | Peter Dent (72 years)

The seventy-year-old had recently told have issues of breakage with the drain of his pool, on the chemin Saint-Hyacinthe, in Montebello, in the Outaouais region. Monday morning, around 9: 30 a.m., he attempted to perform work at the bottom of its basin. According to our information, it was made a subject for the help to remain at the bottom of the water, thus preventing it from floating to the surface. Shortly after, his lifeless body was unfortunately discovered, and then his decease. The Sûreté du Québec investigation into the causes of his death.

Dead for a photo

20 July | Cynthia Wilson (15 years)

A 15 year old girl who could not swim was unfortunately lost in attempting to retrieve his sandal in full photo session with a friend, Monday night, near a dam on the Yamaska river, Saint-Hyacinthe. “She could not swim. It hurts… it is really hard, told Solange Curry, who considered himself to be an aunt for Cynthia Wilson. It was a girl, very respectful, very quiet. She had the joy of living. “”She has not measured the magnitude of the risk of this gesture, which proved to be fatal,” was sorry Thierry Sobze, a friend of the family.

The alcohol could be involved

20 July | Angelic Landers (age 27)

The inert body of a young woman from Gatineau who had taken a seat on the edge of a boat containing four people on Monday was found Wednesday morning by the Sûreté du Québec, in the lake of Thirty Miles, between the Outaouais and the Laurentians, Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau.

To 23 h, the small boat would be coming into collision with a rock, propelling it to the water, its passengers were not wearing life jackets individual (PFD). Three of them have managed to gain the shore, while their friend, Angelic Landers, was quickly sunk, just like the boat in which were PFDS are not used. The survivors, meanwhile, suffered minor injuries.

The driver, a man of 55 years of Gatineau, was arrested for driving while impaired. The results of his blood tests will clarify if it will see the charges against him.

A body recovered from the water in the canal Chambly

July 23 | Man

The body of a man was discovered in the morning by the boaters in the Chambly canal. He was rescued by the firefighters of the fire Department of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, at the height of the rue Saint-Charles. The investigation is now in the hands of the coroner’s Office, according to the Service de police de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Possible drowning at Waterloo

25 July* | Tyler Rousseau (20 years)

The 20 year old young man was still missing at the end of the evening hieraprès that the boat on which he was capsized in the wee small hours, yesterday, on the Waterloo lake, in the municipality of the same name, in the Montérégie region.

Carried away by the current

25 July* | Man (age 51)

The man was swept away by the current while swimming with his family in Cap-Saint-Jacques, in the west of the island of Montreal, in the area of the ecological Farm. The Montreal police has been contacted to 14: 35 for a person in distress in the water. The research continued into the end of the day.

*The lifesaving Society considers the two events that occurred yesterday as a drowning.

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