Too many remakes from Disney ? The directors of The Little Mermaid push a blow of mouth

Trop de remakes chez Disney ? Les réalisateurs de La Petite Sirène poussent un coup de gueule

Too many remakes from Disney ? Filmmakers grow a rant

Is there too much of a remake of cartoons cults at Disney ? While the studios will release soon a new version of Mulan, and already preparing a remake of The Little Mermaid but also of Bambi, two filmmakers cults of animated films have pushed a rant. They denounce the lack of originality of these projects.

The fashion of the moment on the side of Disney, they are making reboots a thing of the cartoons cults of our childhood. After having to relive Cinderella, the studios have followed up with new version in live-action (that is to say, with real actors) of The beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Aladdin, lady and The Tramp (Disney+) or The Lion King, that has cardstock, and remains the film most seen in France in 2019, with 9.7 million entries. And it is not going to stop ! Disney has several projects in the pipeline, such as Mulan (in cinemas march 25th), The Little Mermaid or Bambi. One thing that divides the users and not only.

“I would rather see original content”

Among the personalities who are against these making reboots a thing and remakes to repeat, there are two filmmakers cults at Disney. You may not know not their names and yet, Ron Clements and John Musker have directed many cartoons cults such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, the Princess and The Frog or even Vaiana. In an interview given to The Hollywood Reporter, they have to know that the new versions of the cult films of Disney are not to their taste. “I’m confused about the remakes though, for me, the most popular are the ones that reinterpret the original film in a satisfactory manner as Evil. I think that Jon Favreau (the director of the Lion King, editor’s note) is a filmmaker brilliant but redo plan for plan The Lion King as well as the animation inexpressive of his film left me indifferent, “explained John Musker.

The latter, as well as Ron Clements, explains his weariness and his need for novelty. “In general, I would prefer to see more original content. Fairy tales, by their nature, do not seem to coexist well or require suites and rehearsals,” he says before adding with humor : “At the same time, The Snow Queen 2 has exceeded one billion dollars so what do I know…

What they lack the most in the animated movies of today

The two filmmakers also evoke one of the big differences between the films of the era and those produced today. “The fact that drawings made by hand, it missing me and I hope that there is a future for these animations very special. I think it also lacks the people, and that it will be a return to” states John Musker.

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