Too much red tape for community organizations

Trop de paperasse pour les organismes communautaires

The support provided by the government to help community-based organizations through the crisis of the COVID-19 creates an administrative burden. The community organizations of the North Shore say that they lose too much time filling out forms to justify their expenses.

Thirty of the 97 members of the Table régionale des organismes communautaires de la Côte-Nord (BARTER North Shore) shared an amount of approximately $ 600,000 from the Quebec government to absorb the additional costs associated with the pandemic.

The organizations that have benefited from working for example in emergency food aid or the fight against homelessness.

The problem is that fill-in the form of accountability demands a lot of time to agencies with sometimes limited resources. “This is really a work which is very heavy to fill. There are a lot of boxes to fill in. They ask for numbers of past years. So this is really a very long time to complete. Especially for small groups who have received approximately $ 1000 in grants. Fill up the whole thing, it’s a shuffle, it has no meaning, while the groups could really work on the ground,” said the coordinator of the BARTER North Shore, Nancy Lamontagne.

A heavier administrative burden for Transit Sept-Îles

In Transit Sept-Îles, an organization that fights homelessness in the region, the director David Leboeuf is preparing to tackle this accountability. “I’m going to have to do it soon, so all invoices to collect, all the products you want to buy, because in the beginning of a pandemic, it has not had any access to anything. No masks, no gloves; it took them to do our shopping ourselves, then all these purchases are contained in the accountability,” he said.

“I know what what is the job that I’m going to have to do, and that is something that I would not have had to do usually,” admits the director of Transit Sept-Îles, adding that the funds received will allow him to continue the mission of the organization.

The community organization has received an amount of approximately $ 45,000 in grants from 4 donors of different funds, including the government of Quebec. Community organizations have until July 8 to fill out the form to the department of Health, TVA News has obtained a copy.

Accountability “the simplest possible”

For its part, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health says by email that the reporting will want to “as simple as possible in the circumstances.”

The representative for public affairs Marjorie Larouche adds that this process of accountability allows the public funds to be spent “wisely to meet the needs of the community.”

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