Toop 14. Reactions after RCT – MHR: “The score is heavy and logical”, “It does not reflect our last three months”

Toop 14. Reactions after RCT – MHR: “The score is heavy and logical”, “It does not reflect our last three months”

Patrice Collazo s’est présenté en conférence de presse après la défaite de ses hommes à Toulon ce samedi 23 mars. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Après la lourde défaite encaissée par le MHR chez le Rugby Club Toulonnais ce samedi 23 mars (54-7), staffs et joueurs se sont présentés en conférence de presse.

Patrice Collazo, manager of MHR : "The score is heavy but logical. Toulon did everything to ensure that it didn't work for us. From there, it’s complicated. The first twenty minutes are ambivalent. We cross three times but as soon as we approach the line, we get the wrong form of play. We endured their defense, we were unable to respond to their intensity in collisions and in the ground game. It doesn't reflect our last three months. There, we did not find the solution.

A break? We gave up this afternoon but it’s not like the last few weeks. We must not forget that, when we arrived, we did not even start from scratch, we were in Shanghai. We must get out of this area as quickly as possible. Although we have accumulated around thirty points over the last eight-nine matches, we are still 12th, maybe 13th. Everyone needs points. We have four receptions left. They will be perilous."

Bastien Chalureau, second line of the MHR : "We were on a good run but we were still struggling in the rankings. We went to matches where we really had the rope around our necks. There, we came across an angry, aggressive Toulon, as usual. We thwarted little by little, multiplying errors. They unfolded. And then it’s the gear.

We are in a complex and complicated season. It could have pushed us into another championship game if we won. We're going to go back to work and we have to look for places where we can."

Auguste Cadot, center of the MHR : "We manage to cross quickly but we take a counter entry which puts us in a difficult situation. When you are dominated and chasing the score, it is difficult to reverse the trend. The public wore them.

This match, either we use it to bounce back and win the next match, or we stay on this bad note but that is not an option. We're going to use it to get back on track.

It can happen to lose. But when you lack commitment, it’s harder to accept. We weren’t up to par, that’s all. We don't need the booster shot. We know our position."


Andrea Masi, RCT attack coach : "It’s the match more successful since the start of the season. We are really happy with our performance. We've been working very hard for weeks, it's paid off. We were very physical, we managed to add speed to our game, we created opportunities. We performed collectively and individually."

Gabin Villière, RCT winger : "There are a lot of positives. We knew how to stay calm and not get carried away. We got passed a few times in defense at the start but we rectified the situation. We had an aggressive and collective defense, we stayed connected. It makes a big difference when attacking. We have to keep him for the next matches. It feels good to have this defense back."

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