TOP 10 fashion apps for the price of a smartphone

List and not very useful applications that not everyone is able to buy

Evgeniy Opanasenko

1 Mar, 14:15

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

The price tag on a program often exceeds the cost of the smartphone

As a rule, the average cost of a paid app is $ 1.99 USD (about 50 UAH). The price tag is high-quality and professional programs for smartphones and tablets sometimes reaching up to $ 10-15.

However, there are applications, for which often exceeds the cost of the smartphone, and then some. Many of these programs just decoration, designed to add status, but there are a couple really useful. See our top apps for a smartphone, cost is commensurate with the iPhone.

iVIP Black

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

As you can tell by the name, the program is designed for VIP-persons. The paid app was specially created for hotels, yachts and cars very rich people around the world. Amount of the reservation at least six digits, so the owner will not be difficult to pay him 30 thousand – the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 or the new iPhone X.


ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

A useful professional application to fine-tune pianos and other keyboard instruments. In addition to the cost of 999 dollars (the same cost Huawei Mate 20 Pro), the app has a subscription for $ 79.99.


ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

App roc.Kasse created to turn iPad into a cash register. The app is a little more than 30 thousand hryvnias. And the price does not include any backend application or electronic cash register – it must be purchased separately, and is supported by only two models. The developer of the program is aimed at the US market where there is demand for such programs.


ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

This app has one of the highest paid professions in the world – the dentist. The program contains more than 200 three-dimensional presentations for demonstration to the patient’s upcoming surgery with his teeth. The program costs $ 399 – so much now is last year’s flagship Xiaomi Mi8. Moreover, the application has additional downloadable content worth $ 100.

Classic TC with WordPower

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

Despite the unattractive design, this app is extremely useful for people suffering from speech problems. It is designed by professionals specifically for patients with autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, dumb, partially paralyzed. The program costs $ 299 – almost like the Xiaomi Redmi 7.

BarMax Bar Exam, MBE & MPRE

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

Program for exam preparation the bar Association, the passage of which is required for lawyers in the United States. Courses developed at Harvard. Affects the total cost of purchases in the application — to 6300 dollars. For this amount you can buy fold-announced smartphone Huawei Mate X, and the surrender to go to an expensive resort.

Zollinger”s Atlas of Surgical Operations, 10/E

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

The electronic version of the Atlas of surgical operations Robert Zollinger. Time-tested professional reference material. For 3299 hryvnia can buy cheap Chinese smartphone like Doogee Y7.

The Most Expensive App (Im Rich$)

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

To underscore their status people tend to buy jewelry, expensive accessories, stuff. The author of this app worth 8999 UAH offers to show everyone that you are so rich that they are able to buy this absolutely useless program, consider “throwing money away”. For the same amount to buy a new iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy A7.

The Most Expensive App

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

The app is a clone of the previous one, and until the prices and General idea. However, the author did not bother to even add a picture of a diamond – is it just flaunts the inscription “you see here a glowing diamond”. judging by the number of downloads — all potential buyers decided instead of apps to buy a smartphone. For example, LG G6.

The Abu Moo Collection

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

The developer came to the realization in a highly original way. The Abu Moo Collection is a collection of six separate applications for those who don’t know what to do with their wealth. Choice of: black diamond, aquamarine, ruby, amethyst, emerald and sapphire. Collect them all! Each worth 9,000 UAH. A total sume of the application will cost 54 thousand hryvnias – for the same amount to purchase an iPhone XS, Max c drive 512 GB.

Ukrainian programmers are among the best in the world:

Earlier, Xiaomi has announced a useful improvement of the shell MIUI. At the same time, Windows 7 users will have to wait for the summer trouble.

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ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона

ТОП-10 модных приложений по цене смартфона


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