TOP 10 lesser-known facts of life sex symbol Marilyn Monroe

August 5, the anniversary of the death of the famous blonde

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ТОП-10 малоизвестных фактов из жизни секс-символа Мэрилин Монро

Marilyn Monroe

Today, August 5, the anniversary of the death of a sex symbol of the 1950-ies – Marilyn Monroe (real name Norma Jean Baker). The most famous blonde in the world, exactly 57 years ago, was found dead with a phone in hand in your own home.

The pictures of pregnant Marilyn Monroe put up for sale. The details in the story:

Women envied her, and men just losing my mind. Why it happened, is still not no one knows, because Marilyn Monroe had no reason to commit suicide, and according to the official version, the cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills. American legend was only 36 years old. Today.Lifestyle have compiled the most interesting facts from the life of Hollywood beauties, of which you previously did not know.

TOP 10 little-known facts about the sex symbol of Hollywood

1. There are now five main versions of the death of Monroe:

  • a drug overdose;
  • suicide;
  • murder committed by security services on the orders of the Kennedy brothers to avoid the publicity of their sexual relations;
  • the murder committed by the mafia;
  • a tragic mistake psychoanalyst Ralph Grinson prescribed Marilyn to take chloral hydrate shortly after receiving her Nembutal.

2. Marilyn Monroe – the headmistress of the orphanage, she tried to adopt 11 times, but to no avail.

3. In early childhood, the future star tried to strangle her own grandmother, who was ill with schizophrenia.

ТОП-10 малоизвестных фактов из жизни секс-символа Мэрилин Монро

Marilyn Monroe

4. The famous blonde was a “paraffin” chest (in those days there was still silicone).

5. Legend movie was not only beautiful but also smart. Monroe loved to read literature, and her library consisted of 400 books of different authors.

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6. According to the stories filmmakers who make a film with a star, Marilyn always confused text and was late for shooting. Sometimes it took up to forty takes to film an episode.

7. The death of 36-year-old actress caused a so-called “Werther effect” (a mass wave of suicides imitating), causing hundreds of Americans have followed her example.

8. Natural hair color Marilyn Monroe brown. And to find their own style in appearance, the actress was replaced about 14 shades of blonde, from brown-gold to platinum.

ТОП-10 малоизвестных фактов из жизни секс-символа Мэрилин Монро

Marilyn Monroe

9. Monroe was one of the first women producers in Hollywood, and even set up a production company Marylin Monroe Productions.

10. Celebrity didn’t love diamonds and especially for going on stage took them out.

We will remind, recently it became known that the sex symbol Marilyn Monroe come to life in the form of a 3D model in a new biopic about the legendary actress. It is reported that when creating the 3D model was made more than 3 thousands of images of the face and body of 41-year-old actress Susie Kennedy, which is a double icon of Hollywood of the 50s.

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