TOP 20 amazing mobile apps for the authorship of women

Apple in the eve of March 8 published a list of apps and games for iPhone, developed by beautiful half of humanity

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Today, 15:49

On the eve of International women’s day on March 8, Apple has published a list of apps and games in Apple Store, the design of which is the beautiful half of humanity played a key role. 8 March is another occasion to celebrate the role of women developers. Among them are not only professional programmers, but also wonderful designers, competent CEO and other creative professions in the it, successful work which has helped to create all your favorite apps for your iPhone.

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Some of the most popular games of the last decade, the names of which are familiar to everyone, were created by women. Below are a list of 10 such games:

  1. Angry Birds, Rovio – Kati Lavorante, the CEO of Rovio Entertainment
  2. Crossy Road: Tower, Hipster Whale Clara Reeves, CEO
  3. Diner Dash Adventure by Glu Mobile – Becky Ann Hughes, senior Vice President, revenue
  4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Jam City – Kimberly Hamilton, head writer
  5. Hay Day by Supercell – Camilla Avellar, the game designer
  6. Marvel: contest of Champions Kabam – IPEC Iqbal, producer and designer
  7. Pokemon Go, Niantic S. Diana Hu, chief engineer and head of the AR directions
  8. The Sims FreePlay, EA – Lindsay Pearson, Director of
  9. Words With Friends, Zynga – Michel David, the chief developer of Words With Friends
  10. WWE Champions, Scopley – Zoe Chen, head of product development

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In addition to video games in the Apple Store there are TOP 10 useful apps on which also worked by women as founders of a new project or senior managers:

  1. Verv – Love Paszkowski, co-founder and CEO
  2. D efekt – Tatevik Gasparyan, co-founder
  3. Elementaree – Olga Zinoviev, CEO and founder
  4. Welps – Natalia Davidov, the mastermind
  5. GoKid: Carpool Organizer from GoKid Corp – Professor Stephanie Lemke, CEO and co-founder, and Ashley Clarke, chief operating officer and co-founder
  6. Goods from Goods Unite Us Unite Us, Inc – Abigail Wuest, CEO and co-founder, Amy Jo Miller, COO and co-founder
  7. Kodable from SurfScore – Grachen Hebner, co-founder and head of product development
  8. Seneca Women from the Seneca Women Inc. – Kim Azzarelli, co-founder and CEO
  9. Eventbrite – Julie Hartz, co-founder and CEO
  10. Unplug Meditation – Susie Yalof Schwartz, CEO

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ТОП-20 потрясающих мобильных приложений за авторством женщин

ТОП-20 потрясающих мобильных приложений за авторством женщин

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