TOP 5 biggest announcements of the presentation of the Apple iPhone in addition to 11

What is important at the presentation showed the Apple smartphone in addition to

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ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

The new iPad from Apple to Arcade

Important presentation by Apple about the major innovations 2019 ended last night. As expected, she brought many significant innovations. The whole world was expecting as soon as possible to see iPhone 11, the show which took place towards the end of the presentation, so many might miss other important announcements that need to be recalled.

Free one-year subscription Apple TV+

ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

Tim cook announces Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a response to the streaming service Netflix, which will launch on 1 November. Apple also announced that the price will be $ 4.99 per month, which is $ 2 below the monthly cost of Disney+.

Another great surprise was the fact that Apple provides a free annual subscription to Apple TV+ anyone who buys any new Apple product, including the new iPad, iPhone, MacBook or desktop iMac computers. Importantly, this was done at the company store.

Apple iPad 10.2 of the 7th generation

ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

The price tag Apple iPad 10.2 proved to be very attractive

During the presentation, Apple mentioned that the iPad is the most popular model with a 9.7-inch screen, as it is the most affordable for buyers. Therefore, the company decided to make the same available 10.2-inch tablet at a price of $ 329, which is an iPad 7th generation.

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While the new iPad will have several improvements over iPad 6th generation. The new model is equipped with a processor A10X, which previously debuted in the iPhone 7. It also has a connector Smart Connector, which is useful for those who want to purchase one smart Apple keyboards with magnetic mount. And most importantly that the new iPad will work on the operating system iPadOS with support mouse and external gamepads.

Apple Watch Series 5 active screen

Apple Watch the new Series 5 are not much different from last year’s model. However, the novelty has a few new tricks. In particular, this is the first watch Apple Watch, which support always – on display, Always On Display. About this feature wanted by many users, so Apple have adopted it.

Of course, constantly running the screen strongly influences the discharge of the battery, but the manufacturer promises to work for 18 hours. Also for the first time in smart watches will be integrated compass. Likely, app developers will find a use for it.

ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 will cost $ 399 for the GPS model and $ 499 for model GPS + LTE price tag remains the same. Also, buyers will be affordable housing with a ceramic and titanium finish, the prices of which were not announced from the stage, so expect that they will be expensive.

Apple Arcade “free” games

ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

The Announcement Of Apple Arcade

No wonder Apple added support for gamepads from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for iPad and iPhone, which will appear with the release of iOS iPadOS 13 and September 30. The company intentionally took this step to provide players the best gaming experience on their mobile devices.

This clever move was made for the Apple Arcade, which will be available on September 19. This is another service on a monthly subscription for 4.99 dollars, providing the entire library of paid mobile games free. It looks similar with Game Pass from Microsoft or EA Access.

The company knows that smartphones and tablets Apple for many is the best portable gaming devices, and in this way the company just meets the increased demand, and at the same time it gives users to their services. In addition, Apple games from Arcade will be available on MacBook and iMac.

We will remind that earlier it was revealed all the secrets of the Apple iPhone 11. Moreover, Apple iPhone 11 set a record for power among smartphones, even when not announced.

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ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11

ТОП-5 главных анонсов презентации Apple помимо iPhone 11


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