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Mobile technologies that will be in fashion throughout the years

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23 Mar, 14:21

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

“Today” has collected the most important trendy technologies of the mobile industry

Smartphones also have a certain fashion, which I try to emulate all the manufacturers throughout the season – in the mobile industry it is changing every year. In 2018, the trend was “the unibrow” and teardrop-shaped cutouts in the display, elongated screens format 19:9, the mass introduction of OLED-matrix in top-end smartphones, artificial intelligence for processing photos, as well as increasing the number of photosensors to three or four instead of two. What will be fashionable in smartphones in 2019?

“Today” has collected the latest technology of the mobile industry that will be in fashion throughout 2019.

Android 10

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

Android 10 Q

Not had Android 9.0 Pie really settle on smartphones, as Google will soon release a new firmware version Android 10.0. Declassified even the “sweet” name – Android 10 Quiche. Now available in a test build of Android Q, and we are even told how to install it. New version of the mobile operating system first will be the owners of the top mobile Google, Samsung, LG, Huawei, already by September, and while waiting for the official presentation in the second quarter of 2019.

Selfie camera

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

Galaxy S10+ with the cutout for the selfie camera in the screen

The first company, who offered to refuse from “monopoly” has become Huawei, with its model Nova 4. Then Samsung Galaxy A8s got a similar cutout in the screen. The trend with the holes in the display continued in 2019, with smartphones Galaxy S10 and later should appear Galaxy Note 10 (Note X). This solution is a compromise in an effort to make frameless screens, as much as possible covering the front part of the screen.

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года


Manufacturers Energizer and OnePlus look differently at solving the problem with the selfie camera, placing them in the periscope, which is automatically hidden in the body. In 2018 a pioneer in this direction was a mobile unit Vivo, Nex, apparently, this implementation turned out to be justified.


ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

Frameless smartphones are in trend all the year 2019

Bermocoll out of the above paragraph. Trend confidently entrenched in all segments of the market. Each manufacturer tries to find solutions to ensure 100% coverage display on the front of the mobile device. Concepts such smartphones in the form of patent filings, leaks, and rumors found in Internet is already not the first year. There is a good chance to see this year these devices on sale.

The fingerprint scanner under the screen

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

Top-end smartphones will introduce podkladnye fingerprint scanners

The first model with a fingerprint scanner appeared at the end of 2018 from the Chinese manufacturer, but only in 2019, this technology will unfold in full force and effect and will be in trend. Samsung has already implemented it in their Galaxy S10, but competitors are not asleep, and announce their devices podanym a fingerprint scanner. There is insider information that a fingerprint scanner will have the iPhone this year.

A huge amount of memory

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

Internal memory in smartphones have increased to 1 TB

In 2019, Samsung had crossed previously unattainable threshold internal flash memory capacity 1 TB. The first smartphone with such a huge store was Galaxy S10+. It is likely that this year Apple and other top manufacturers start releasing their smartphones with carabinieri drives.

The RAM has also increased. If last year’s record volume was 10 GB, then in 2019 the trend will be 12 GB in this volume include award-winning flagships. The first smartphone that received the 12 GB of RAM became Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, followed by Xiaomi Mi 9 and a little later came the Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition.

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ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года

ТОП-5 модных технологий смартфонов 2019 года


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