TOP 5 most beautiful kisses from popular movies

The whole world July 6, celebrates the Day of kisses

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July 6, 12:25

ТОП-5 самых красивых поцелуев из популярных фильмов

A scene from the movie “the notebook”

An informal celebration of international kissing day on the 6th of July. For those who want a little romance and beautiful kisses – we made an interesting selection – the most beautiful kisses in movie.

Interesting facts about first kisses stars:

It turns out, not so easy in the film to show a romantic kiss. Very often filmmakers do dozens of takes to make it all the way.


The kiss scene on the stern of the ship since the release of the picture is considered the best in the history of cinema. Standing on the stern of the Titanic speeding toward his death, inspired the young rose and Jack closed his lips in a kiss that will seal their love. For the kiss worth to watch the movie.

Dirty dancing

Patrick Swayze in the image of a charismatic bully won the hearts of millions. Seventeen-year-old Baby becomes johnny’s pupil not only in dancing but also in the art of love. Sensual scene in the Bungalow, where young people move and kiss to the beat of the music will not leave anyone to be indifferent.

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The superhero story is about Peter Parker, who deftly jump from one building to another thanks to the spider became more lyrical just after the kissing scene. Pretty Mary Jane gently kissed Parker-spider in the pouring rain.

“The notebook”

“Pearl Harbor”

A serious film with a lyrical, tender and sensual moments. One of these can be considered kissing Danny and Evelyn. Beautiful bed price on the background of the war situation, the sudden resurrection of the beloved makes the film even more dramatic.

We will remind, the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” stars shared their memories about kissing. It turned out that Anna Dobrydneva first kiss was a nightmare. But the star men still can’t forget these bright impressions.

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