TOP 5 myths about pregnancy and child Meghan Markle

Around Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there were many rumors and gossip

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ТОП-5 мифов о беременности и ребенке Меган Маркл

Meghan Markle

Today, may 6, it became known that Meghan Markle for the first time became a mother. She and Prince Harry had a son.

The entire pregnancy Megan around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been a lot of rumors and speculation. Today.Lifestyle the more common myths about baby Megan and Harry.

Myth # 1: Megan and Harry will raise a child genderfluid

Genderfluid is the man who does not identificeret yourself with the same flooring constantly: his gender feelings are changing. People may feel that a male, female or both sexes simultaneously.

However, Kensington Palace released a statement refuting the message that the Royal couple plans to avoid gender stereotypes when it comes to raising a child.

ТОП-5 мифов о беременности и ребенке Меган Маркл

Meghan Markle

Earlier it was reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to educate your child with a flexible approach to the floor, and “they will not impose any stereotypes.” Nevertheless, the representative of the Palace in the comment to the magazine Hello! said: “This story is completely false.”

Myth # 2: Megan was supposed to give birth to twins

In Britain, many betting bookmakers that Harry and Megan twins. However, all signs point to the fact that the Duchess of Sussex are pregnant with one baby. In an official statement, Kensington Palace said about the child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the singular.

And throughout the entire pregnancy, Megan and Harry spoke several times about your future baby, never using the plural. “The baby is quite heavy!”, – Harry said at the awards ceremony of Endeavour Foundation in February.

ТОП-5 мифов о беременности и ребенке Меган Маркл

Pregnant Megan Markle and Prince Harry

Myth # 3: Kate Middleton and Prince William will be the godparents of the child

Despite the fact that William and Harry are brothers, the future king and his wife, most likely, will not be selected godparents for a child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to the Royal tradition, godparents are usually friends or at least relatives.

Myth # 4: the child will be Prince or Princess

Baby Megan and Harry ranked seventh in line to the British throne, and probably will not become a Prince or Princess – and may not even have a Royal title!

ТОП-5 мифов о беременности и ребенке Меган Маркл

The Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle

On the wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle future Royal parents were named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and eldest son of the Duke eventually inherits the title of father. As the couple had a boy, he will receive the title of “count Dombarovskiy”, and the following sons will be called Lord (the name) of Windsor, daughters, lady (name) Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II could make an exception and provide children Megan and Harry titles Prince or Princess.

Myth # 5: the child will be brought up at Kensington Palace

The first child of Megan and Harry will be brought up not in London. The couple has long lived in Nottingham cottage in Kensington Palace from the time of their engagement, but the two-bedroom house was never intended for long-term stays, especially after having children.

The pair has already moved into their cozy new house Frogmore Cottage, where he will live with the baby.

Earlier, we reported all the details about pregnancy Meghan Markle. We also wrote that Megan Markle ignored in the Royal Palace.

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