TOP 5 tips how to make old smartphone to work better

Some useful tips on how to make an old and slow phone began to work faster and better

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ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

Give your old smartphone a new life

As a computer, a smartphone can be overloaded with apps, files and background processes if you use it more than two or three years. Over time, a huge amount of information stored in the smartphone, it slows down, causing the annoying brakes and glitches that are so loaded mobile phone that make it unusable.

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Fortunately, all the above-mentioned disadvantages of performance can typically be corrected of course if the problem is not faulty hardware. So, if you’re used to your old, but this convenient smartphone, but it severely began to slow down, we have prepared some useful tips because how to speed up and clean so that the phone would work faster and better.

Update the firmware

Upgrade to the latest version of Android or iOS can increase smartphone the chance to “live” longer. Latest firmware will breathe new life into an old smartphone and optimizes it under the latest apps, games and services.

At the time of release the smartphone comes with the IOS fresh Android or iOS, which is updated annually. Usually manufacturers over the next couple of years, support their models current versions of mobile operating systems (except cheap Chinese smartphones).

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Latest firmware often fixes many system errors, and also better optimized and more stable, which allows the smartphone to work much faster – it’s felt almost immediately after the upgrade. In addition, smartphones often get various security updates, which ensure smooth and safe operation of phones for several months and even years after release. So whether it is a major release of new software or a minor fix, it is definitely worth to install.

ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

Check out the latest updates of smartphones and tablets – they will prolong their “life”

It is worth noting that in this respect the iPhone was more fortunate, as Apple better applies to the older smartphones, prolonging their life cycle. But most Android phones get one major software update for their lives. In any case, check the settings of the smartphone have a recent firmware download and update – in most cases, this procedure will speed up the smartphone.

Update applications

Regular updating of applications allows application developers to fine-tune the performance of your software for different smartphones. Updates are often released to fix bugs and add new features, keeping them optimized for all the devices on which they work.

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It is especially important to update app users on Android as the smartphones on this OS is very fragmented and work on the most different equipment and under different screen resolutions, which potentially increases the risk of incompatibility.

If you are a user of Android, just open the Google Play app store, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen (“sandwich menu”) and select “My apps & games”. You get a list of all applications that require updates, click the green button “Update all”.

ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

Easier on the iPhone: open App Store, go to Updates tab and click the “Update all”.

ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

Clear your browser cache

For a year or two spent with the phone, you’ll be surprised at how much space you can take the old cached image and unused applications that may cause anything from performance degradation to the warnings about insufficient memory.

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Interesting fact: when you view a web page, your phone can keep copies of each image that it displays to save time and bandwidth next time you visit. Fortunately, Google and Apple provide built-in tools that will help to clear your mobile browser cache with one click, freeing some memory.

If you use Chrome on iOS or Android, open it and go to the settings app. Scroll down and click “Personal data”. Next, click on “Clear history” and then press the blue button “Delete data”.

ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

Safari on the iPhone can also be exempt from the cache. Go to the phone settings, find “Safari” and select “Clear history and data website” to clear the cache and to lighten the load of the browser on the old phone.

ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

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To remove unused applications

Applications that have not been used for several weeks, it is desirable to remove, especially on older smartphones. Older programs not only take up space on the internal storage, but also lead to a shortage of memory, which may slow down your smartphone. Moreover, the applications generate unnecessary background processes, and when they overlap each other, creating a huge load on the processor, causing the same “brakes and glitches”, reducing overall performance.

Applications are also increasing in volume the longer you use them – because of the cache. For example, all these pictures, pictures and videos that you send and receive in Viber or Telegram are stored in the destination store of your phone until then, until the application is uninstalled.

Install the “light” versions of applications

Software manufacturers such as Google, Facebook, Line and Microsoft, to create “light” versions of their apps specifically for older mobile devices with little memory. However this is true only for Android. Therefore, if you use YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Line and Skype, install lightweight counterparts of these applications, they take up 80% less memory than the main program.

ТОП-5 советов, как заставить старый смартфон работать лучше

Lightweight application for Android

  • Facebook Lite
  • Facebook Messenger Lite
  • Google Maps Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Line Lite
  • Skype Lite
  • YouTube Go

IPhone owners it is recommended to just use the web versions of popular apps – not only will this save a huge amount of memory on the smartphone, but will also accelerate its work.

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