TOP 7 brilliant performances in the blind auditions of “the Voice. Diti-4”

May 26, on channel 1+1 will be the long-awaited premiere of the show “the Voice. Children-5”

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ТОП-7 ярких выступлений на слепых прослушиваниях "Голос. Діти-4"

TOP 7 brilliant performances in the blind auditions of “the Voice. Diti-4”

26 may at 21:00 on TV channel 1+1 will be the long-awaited premiere of “the Voice. Children-5”. Viewers will learn about c talented young singers from all over Ukraine and other countries. On the eve of the first issue of the blind auditions, let’s recall the speeches of the participants of last season, who conquered the whole country.

The Winner Of “The Voice. Diti-4” Danelia Tuleshev from Kazakhstan came to the project after only a year and a half after beginning to study singing. Daniel sang the song “Stone Cold” singer demi Lovato and made a splash. On the YouTube channel of the project performance of Danelii gathered over 38 million views. The girl turned all 4 chairs and chose team multiartist Monatika.

Star coach fourth season Natalia Mogilevskaya commented that it was the best she had heard in the history of the project: “the girl kissed by God that this gift, a unique baby. For people like you, we are here”.

We will remind that in the beginning of this year Jupiter and Saturn took place in the third round of The world’s best on American TV channel CBS and moved to tears drew Barrymore.

Remember the viewers and Veronika Kovalenko, who did not miss a single casting “Vote. Diti”, but in the fourth season came on the main stage of the country for the first time. The singer performed the song “the ice is Melting,” group “Mushrooms”, which took a new turn. The girl turned all coach seats. Veronica went to the team Monatika and reached the stage “Song for the life”, and her performance in the blind auditions scored YouTube-channel 16 million views.

One of the most memorable performances in the blind auditions belongs to thirteen-year-old Sofia Lozin from Kiev. The girl sang the song “Human”, singer Rag’n’bone Man and accompanied himself on the keyboard. The young singer became a member of the team “Time and Glass” and reached the stage “Song for life”. Her first performance in the project gained on YouTube more than 7 million views.

Lisa Yakovenko, a girl with an unusual voice from Lutsk, performed the song “I put a spell on you” singer Annie Lennox. A celebrity coach to the last could not determine on stage singing a boy or a girl. Lisa’s speech struck all the spectators, because the girl has a unique voice and, of course, turned the chairs of all the coaches. The young singer chose the team of Natalia Mogilev and took second place in the project, and her first appearance on the show looked on the net more than 2.5 million times.

Pauline Pilch from Dnepropetrovsk performed the song “Cheap Thrills” singer Sia and took the last free place in the team “Time and Glass”. The coach noted the unusual style of the song. On the YouTube channel, her performance got more than 2 million views. From the project Polina was eliminated at the stage of “Fighting”.

A decade Darina Krasnolutska three times came to casting, but she never managed to get on stage. In the fourth season, the young singer performed the song “1944” singer Jamala, and made the team Monatik, which moved to tears. The girl left the project after the “battle”, but the first statement Darina impressed the audience and gained 1.5 million views on the YouTube channel.

Conquered the main stage of the country and Polina, Pavlusenko from Minsk, who sang very Mature and complex song “the Cuckoo” of group “Cinema”. The girl managed to appear in the third season, but “Voice. Diti-4” came on the scene and conquered the celebrity coaches and TV viewers. Pauline, Pavlusenko participated in the team Monatika, and was eliminated from the show on the stage, “Fighting”, but her performance on YouTube got over a million views.

Watch new the incredible performances of young singers with strong voices this Sunday at 21:00 on TV channel 1+1.

Even more interesting presentations and vivid singers can be seen in the new season of “the Voice. Children-5” every Sunday at 21:00 on TV channel “1+1”.

Recall that earlier we told you what will happen in the first edition of the show “the Voice. Children-5”.

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