TOP educational and motivational books for business

Books that will help you better understand the basics of conducting restaurant and hotel business

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ТОП обучающих и мотивирующих книг для бизнесменов

Books on marketing and doing business

For a successful business is not always the entrepreneur has start-up capital or sufficient experience and knowledge. Therefore, training and motivating literature is incredibly popular among successful businessmen, and among aspiring startups, and among managers.

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About these books Today.Lifestyle told the owner of the Romantik Spa Hotel and Chairman of the Board of visitors of Yaremche region entrepreneurs Ivan Gawron during our visit to Hutsul carnival. According to the businessman, a lot of useful information it is possible to discover from the literature the Harvard Business Review. However, he mentioned three books that may be required for start-up entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hotel business.

Jim Collins “good to great”

ТОП обучающих и мотивирующих книг для бизнесменов

Jim Collins “Good To Great”

In this book, author Jim Collins writes about the results of their six-year study, in which the company’s breakthrough, were compared with those who did not. All great companies showed a similar elements for success: disciplined people, disciplined thinking, disciplined action and effect of the flywheel. The company has achieved phenomenal results, exceeding the average results for the industry in few times. In other words, the leaders of successful companies were tenacity, backed by knowledge.

The book will be of interest to business owners, Directors of companies, Directors of development, consultants, and students studying on a speciality “management”.

Alexey Filanovsky “Home marketing book”

ТОП обучающих и мотивирующих книг для бизнесменов

Alexey Filanovsky “Home marketing book”

This book is written in our modern reality, about our markets, our consumers and our cultural paradigm. And that’s what makes her home in the country. The book contains answers to all questions related to marketing. She teaches the tools that she teaches to understand marketing. She gives hundreds of answers, it teaches to ask the right questions. Because it is the right question, usually ensures success. After reading the book questions and answers will be born from you automatically. And embodying the answers in life, you will improve your own business, achieving success in its own market.

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Edmund Loler “Service like a king: lessons from the restaurant business from Charlie Trotter”

ТОП обучающих и мотивирующих книг для бизнесменов

“Service king: Lessons of the restaurant business from Charlie Trotter”

Restaurant Charlie Trotter, called the Separator Wine magazine best restaurant in America, stands on four pillars – food, wine, atmosphere and service, which together enable visitors to spend an extraordinary evening. The book is structured as a series of simple tips that reveal the secrets of the legendary success of the famous restaurateur. It will be required reading not only for the restaurateurs, but also for managers and owners.

We will remind, the wound we have made a selection of books on how to use your age for the benefit of themselves, to perceive their growing up and become more wise.

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