Top model in Ukrainian, who left the gear in the tenth edition

Топ-модель по-украински: кто покинул передачу в десятом выпуске

“Top model po-Ukrainsky” tenth edition

today, 11:06

In the tenth edition of the third season of “Top model in Ukrainian” for the right to remain on the project competed Catherine Chekalenko and Elizabeth Bloodless.

Supermodel Alla kostromicheva criticized the work of Lisa and Katie this week, putting the girls in the nomination as the weakest member. Note that for Bloodless it was the third chance.

“Instead of having to inspire, Katya pushes. She always argues with photographers and experts, not laid out on tests. The feeling that she was the Princess of Monaco, which is poured into a tea, sour milk. And to work with Lisa, we spend as much time as you do not spend to any other party. And this time is not justified – Bloodless do not learn from their mistakes,” said host of the show.

Топ-модель по-украински: кто покинул передачу в десятом выпуске

Lisa Bloodless

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On the last test participants posed on horseback in the image of Ukrainian Amazons – kozacek.

“And Katya, and Liza was not at a high level. I expected more from each of them. The work Katie was mediocre: what I have seen it on tests all week, so it was today. And Lisa was generally lethargic confused. Unfortunately, she was unable to learn, and all the advice that we gave her, missed on deaf ears. Therefore, Lisa Bloodless this week he was leaving the project,” said Kostromicheva.

At the end of the nomination project has left Lisa. However, she promised that won’t give up, learn English and return to modeling.

Топ-модель по-украински: кто покинул передачу в десятом выпуске

Lisa Bloodless

“Kate was for me a too strong competitor. I to the last did not lose hope to win, but, alas, were not able to meet. To return to the village really do not want, but I promise I will get out of there,” said ex-member TMPU.

Recall kostromicheva become a witch for Halloween.

As reported by the portal Znayu participating in “Top-model po-Ukrainski” were forced to walk with a creeping creatures.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Allah showed vivid images of new photo shoot, which appeared in a tangy and very beautiful image.

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