“Top model po-Ukrainsky” left’s hottest participant: what was unhappy Kostromicheva

"Топ-модель по-украински" покинула самая жаркая участница: чем осталась недовольна Костромичова

today, 17:58

It became known that in the last nomination the popular television show “Top-model po-Ukrainski” were some of the strongest participants, namely Nastya Ruda and Malvina Chuckle.

Leading Alla kostromicheva described the nomination of 14 weeks. Malvina and her daughter has failed a couple of tests, and the result was under threat of departure.

"Топ-модель по-украински" покинула самая жаркая участница: чем осталась недовольна Костромичова

Nastya Ruda

“Malvina and Nastya failed to Shine during the week, I hope that Shine will help them this photo shoot. I created for the girls, the atmosphere in which they just have to feel like real stars. As a minimum, because they will work at altitude,” said Kostromicheva.

She also invited members of the insurance to pose under the big top inside the Hoop. Moreover, a professional gymnast had his master class.

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“Anastasia offered us the most banal poses, I looked at her work and imagine what these pictures could be in her Instagram. There was a feeling that she first climbed on the ring, and the master class was not any. Maybe she was petrified by fear. But the verdict is obvious: the photo shoot Malvina worked better. So Nastya Ruda sent home,” said the host.

It should be noted that such a turn of events she never expected. Most Ruda worried due to the fact that during all these 14 weeks the project has not won a single gift.

“I wanted to be a top model and travel with Alla in new York, wanted to appear on the cover of gloss. Very grateful that I got to this project. I’m upset but not going to stop. Here lose weight and become a cool model,” – shared the girl.

Recall that the popular Ukrainian supermodel Alla Kostromicheva published in the social network colorful frame, but in the legend complained about her not listening.

As reported by the portal Znaia the “Top model in Ukrainian” Novy channel rage serious passions. During one of the shooting of the 14-th issue of the reality to the girls on the backstage came expert of the project Vladimir Demchinsky.

The portal also Znayu wrote that at the beginning of one of the tests, when the participants of the project “Top model in Ukrainian” New channel had to find the store with the outrageous things, Julia Binkowska nicknamed Cleo started to complain of abdominal pain.

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