TOP nudist beaches in 2018

                                ТОП нудистских пляжей в 2018 году

Specialized travel site, TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the most beautiful and popular beaches for relaxing in the sun with no clothes on.

The top 3 included the beaches of Turkey, Greece and Germany.

First place went to Patara beach in Turkey. Here for nudists even have foam parties.

                                ТОП нудистских пляжей в 2018 году

Express info by country

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth among all the planets of the Solar system in size.

                                ТОП нудистских пляжей в 2018 году

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Second place went to Little Banana on Skiathos island in Greece. This beach is convenient in terms of recreation.

                                ТОП нудистских пляжей в 2018 году

Third place experts have given one of the oldest nudist beaches in Germany — Buhne 16. The place is quite removed from the bustle of the city and bystanders. And, despite the popularity, there are seasons when the people there are very few.

                                ТОП нудистских пляжей в 2018 году

Also in the list of the best places for nudists were: the Croatian beach Valalta, Es Tren in Mallorca, French Plage de Tahiti, Paradise beach on Mykonos island, Greece and Porto Ferro in Sardinia.

“Around The World. Ukraine” reported on nudist beaches of Ukraine.

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