Tornado in Saint-Mathias-de-Bonneterre

Tornade à Saint-Mathias-de-Bonneterre

Citizens of Saint-Mathias-de-Bonneterre, in the eastern Townships, have had quite a scare on Monday because of a weather event that is the subject of an investigation by Environment Canada.

A severe thunderstorm would have caused a tornado. There has been strong winds and damage are important in the municipality: large trees were uprooted, branches broken, and even houses have been damaged (cover or roof torn off, in particular).

The playground and the baseball field were partially or completely destroyed.

According to the Fujita scale which measures the severity of a tornado is between 0 and 5, the tornado has been classified in a preliminary way in the category EF0, which corresponds to light damage. It speaks, however, of gusts of 105 to 135 kilometres per hour. Approximately 66 % of tornadoes are in this category.

Environment Canada invites citizens to submit videos and photos of tornado at the address

With the events of Monday, we are already made to six tornadoes confirmed in Quebec this year. However, on average, six tornadoes per year in the province, according to Environment Canada.

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