Toronto: 6.6 kg of cocaine in the luggage of a grandmother of 76 years

Toronto: 6,6 kg de coke dans les bagages d’une grand-mère de 76 ans

It is easy to imagine evil in a woman of 76 years old swim in the criminal environment. Yet it is the case of this grandmother, of ontario was arrested last month after attempting to import 6.6 kg of cocaine into Canada.

Mavis Coreta Segree was arrested June 18 at the Toronto Pearson international airport, when she returned from a trip to Jamaica.

The resident of Etobicoke, Ontario, was attempting to enter the country with food packages within which the drugs had been concealed.

According to the border services Agency of Canada, the seized cocaine would have a value of $ 825,000 on the black market.

The seventy-year-old has been charged with importation of cocaine and was released on conditions pending further court proceedings. She must return to the court on 26 August.

Five days after this seizure, customs officers at Pearson international airport have made another kick smoking by finding a 3.85 kg of cocaine among the personal effects Amran Jama, a resident of Hamilton 31-year-old who was also from Jamaica.

The value of the drugs seized in his luggage amounted to nearly half a million, according to the authorities.

Amran Jama also faces a charge of importation of cocaine. She was released under conditions and needs to come back before the judge on 2 September, at the palace of justice in Brampton, for the following procedures.

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