Toronto airport a raccoon disrupted the departure of the aircraft

В аэропорту Торонто енот сорвал отправление самолета

Toronto airport a raccoon got caught in the aircraft of the airline Air Canada, causing flight AC1126 was detained for several hours. Reported by the CBC.

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Baby raccoon hiding inside the hose of the air conditioning unit and found it when the ground staff have connected this unit to the aircraft. The air flow of the raccoon reared up and he got into the ventilation system of the Embraer E190.

Passengers watched the drama from the Windows of the airport terminal. Initially ground staff was in disbelief and didn’t know what to do.

“It was really something new. No one has ever seen anything like it,”— said one of the passengers Damien Lee.

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According to Lee, during the hours the aircraft were about 15 people, including airport personnel and representatives of the departments of animal control. In the end, it was decided to remove from the plane some panels.

The plane was supposed to depart at 14.50 local time, however, to rescue an animal was only about 20.30. Subsequently, the rescued raccoon ran away. As compensation for the delay, the airline offered passengers vouchers to buy food in the airport and a discount on future flights.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the United States, police rescued bloated raccoon stuck in a drain grate.

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