Toronto Blue Jays: George Springer in perfect health

Toronto Blue Jays: George Springer in perfect health


After being operated on last October, George Springer hopes to have put his health problems behind him. He now wants to lead the Toronto Blue Jays to the greatest heights in major league baseball. 

A bony growth had to be removed from his elbow when he went under the knife. This has caused him a lot of trouble, as the outfielder has played only 211 of his team's 324 since accepting a lucrative six-year contract with the Canadian organization. 

< p>While he could have had surgery earlier last year, he instead decided to delay surgery to help his teammates on the pitch. But going into training camp, he's feeling good and optimistic.

“Obviously it's still early in this camp, but it's good to feel well, Springer said, according to comments reported by the daily “Toronto Sun”. To realize that I can just go out there and play without really worrying about anything or limiting myself because I don't want to get hurt, I'm extremely happy about that.”


Springer, like his teammates, was disappointed with the turn of events last fall. The team was swept by the Seattle Mariners early in the playoffs despite going 92-70 in the regular season.

On a young team, Springer, 33, delivered a point guard analysis, however, as the Grapefruit League games are just around the corner.

“For us, as a team, it's about understanding, growing and learning. It's about being in the moment and realizing that we didn't achieve the goal we wanted to win. But I think it puts us in a better frame of mind for this year knowing that every little thing, everything we do, matters. [We will] learn from last year and see what the next 162 games bring.”

And no doubt everyone is happy to see him healthy. Starting with manager John Schneider, who is crossing his fingers so that the situation continues.

“When he is in perfect health, he is definitely a game-changer, launched the pilot. Our job is to try to keep him as healthy as possible. We've had previews when he's healthy and hopefully that preview lasts over seven months this year.”

The Jays are currently in Dunedin, Florida, where they will play their hometown games of the Grapefruit League at TD Ballpark. However, they will begin their preparatory calendar on February 25 at LECOM Park, where the Pittsburgh Pirates play.