Toronto disappointed with rallies of thousands of people

Toronto déçue par des rassemblements de milliers de personnes

TORONTO | Montreal are not the only ones to be made in droves in the parks in the favour of the good weather and a relaxation of the rules of containment; Torontonians have done the same Saturday, to the chagrin of the authorities who have had to tighten the rules on Sunday.

Photos showing thousands of people gathered at the park to Trinity Bellwoods, without any regard to the rules of social distancing, have “disappointed” the head of the Toronto public health.

“I understand that it is a beautiful day and we want to enjoy our city, but these selfish behaviour and dangerous can we bring it back. As I said Friday, we see an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 and have lost far too many of our loved ones,” said Dr. Eilenn Villa in requiring its citizens to adhere to the two metres of social distancing.

Several citizens businesses have added their grain of salt to the chorus of criticism of. “Don’t call us for that it brings you back home if you’ve spent the day at the park to Trinity Bellwoods to ignore the rules of social distancing”, has launched the company-Beck Taxi on his Twitter account.

The mayor of Toronto, John Tory, has said that many police officers will be deployed Sunday to enforce the rules of distanciations social.

Ontario has seen an upsurge in the number of reported incidents on a daily basis in the course of the last week, with a balance sheet that exceeds again often the 400 cases, compared to about 300 the previous week. As in Quebec, the metropolis is the epicenter of the pandemic in Ontario, with more than 700 reported deaths in Toronto alone.

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