Toronto: dozens of dogs from Ukraine dead at the airport

Toronto: des dizaines de chiens en provenance d’Ukraine morts à l’aéroport

TORONTO – dozens of puppies have died at the Toronto Pearson international airport during the flight from Ukraine.

The canadian food inspection agency (CFIA) said it was investigating after the death of 38 puppies at the Toronto Pearson international airport last Saturday, reported Global News.

The flight of Ukrainian international Airlines (UIA) that arrived from Kiev, was carrying approximately 500 puppies, several of whom were sick on arrival, according to the federal agency.

“Upon their arrival, many of the dogs were suffering from dehydration, weakness and/or vomiting,” revealed a spokesman for the CFIA.

“The representatives of the CFIA to investigate and document currently available on the circumstances surrounding this incident”, a-t-is added.

On Friday, Ukraine International Airlines has commented on the incident on his page in Facebook.

“The UIA works with the local authorities to determine what happened and to make the necessary changes to prevent such a situation does not occur again,” said the airline.

Before., the company, the Ukrainian said they received no complaints from shippers in Ukraine or to recipients in Canada for the transport inappropriate animals.

Transport Canada has argued in a press release that the air operators are required to comply with the canadian aviation Regulations.

A spokesman for the federal agency has stated that the import requirements for dogs are determined by the Law on the health of animals and the Regulation on animal health.

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