Touching footage: Vietnamese boy saved the duck. Video

Трогательные кадры: вьетнамский мальчик спас утку. Видео

The child gave the mother to kill the bird.

The Internet is gaining popularity video with the little boy from the Vietnamese province of Lam Dong, which your body has covered your favorite duck from my mom, who was going to cook the bird for lunch, reports the with reference to FaceNews.

The corresponding video is published on YouTube.

A woman approached several times to the duck with a knife in hand to cut off her head. But the kid refused to leave the darling and mother were forced to retreat.

Unknown if still duck on the table, but the act of the boy touched the network users. It is compared with the main hero of children’s stories by Selma Lagerlof “the Wonderful adventures of Nils”, which several times saved the life of his feathered friend.

“The kid has a heart of gold”, “Good fellow,” write the users of the network in the comments.

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