Tour de France 2024: Biniam Girmay does it again, winning the sprint on the 8th stage

Tour de France 2024: Biniam Girmay does it again, winning the sprint on the 8th stage

Biniam Girmay a signé un deuxième succès sur ce Tour. EPA – KIM LUDBROOK

L'Erythréen Biniam Girmay a remporté sa deuxième victoire dans l'édition 2024 du Tour de France en s'imposant au sprint lors de la huitième étape samedi à Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises.

Slovenian Tadej Pogacar retains the yellow jersey and still has a 33-second lead in the general classification over Belgian Remco Evenepoel.

Already winner of the third stage on Monday in Turin, the Intermarché rider beat two Belgians, Jasper Philipsen and Arnaud De Lie, to consolidate his green jersey that he is the first African to wear. A light and slender sprinter, Girmay, 24, confirms his status as a pioneer for his continent. On Monday, he proclaimed his pride in having become the first black African rider to win the Tour.

Perfectly led by his teammates

In a stage run partly in the rain, the peloton had to work to catch up with the fugitive of the day, Jonas Abrahamsen, who escaped from kilometer zero in Semur-en-Auxois. First accompanied by Stefan Bissegger and Neilson Powless, then quickly alone, the Norwegian from Uno-X, very visible since the start of the Tour, opened the road for 169 kilometers.

He consolidated his jersey as best climber during the few climbs on the menu, before being caught 15 km from the goal. The sprinters' teams then put their finishers into orbit in the last long, uphill false-flat final straight with a 150 meter ramp to finish.

Excellent in this type of finish, Girmay, perfectly led by his Intermarché teammates, overwhelmed his opponents in the final to win under the Cross of Lorraine. Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, village of General de Gaulle, was a stage town for the Tour for the first time on Saturday, on the eve of legislative elections in France.

In 1960, the platoon had crossed the village and stopped – an unprecedented scene – to greet the general, who had come to spend a few days at his property in La Boisserie.

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