Tour de France: Hugo Houle skillfully calms the game

Tour de France: Hugo Houle skillfully calms things down


CALAIS, France | Quebecers were eager to get to the shower and massage on Tuesday as they crossed the finish line.

Antoine Duchesne had a more difficult day and Guillaume Boivin was unhappy with his bike, but without giving an explanation. For his part, Hugo Houle was responsible for taking the heat to let his compatriots breathe.

The Quebecer did not see Wout van Aert's dynamite, but he smelled the smell of powder after the fatal blow.

“I didn't see the yellow jersey, but I saw the cracks caused in the bump. Wout van Aert is another league. Hats off to him. This is a bump I had done in the past. I recognized her by her foot,” said the veteran.

Mission accomplished

Houle was anticipating a tense final as the wind disappeared from the radar.

“In the bump, they really made a big effort. We had a bit of a rush at the start and a lot of stress all day. For us, we limited the breakage. I rode with Kasper Asgreen to get back to the main peloton and return home. ”

Houle also praised the efforts of former teammate Magnus Cort, who is still on the breakaway.

“Magnus is an animal! He showed everyone that he wouldn't let anyone go. The polka dot jersey will be easier for him to manage now. »

At the dawn of several difficult days, the cyclist from Sainte-Perpétue is reassured by his condition.

< p>“ On the climbs, I have strength when it comes to riding. Everything is fine. I stay calm and I wait for the days when it will climb a little more. »

The unexpected

Smiling despite everything, Duchesne confessed that it wasn't a great day.

“I was a bit stuck. I rode in front because I didn't feel great. I did the headwind approach for the coast and then the guys were all well placed. 

According to the Caribou, the riders will not escape the challenge that awaits them on Wednesday on the 19 km of cobblestones.

“Risks, falls, punctures. We all approach it as a one-day classic. Anything can happen.”

Frustrated, Boivin had a mechanical problem to settle with the team personnel. Looking at his crankset, he mentioned in the paddocks that he had been in pain all day, but he would not offer an explanation. His displeasure remains a mystery.

“We'll look into that later. I saw van Aert's attack, but I got up. He is quite impressive. 

Despite repeated requests, Michael Woods continues to step aside as soon as possible. Stress or strategy, he wants to be forgotten as much as possible.