Tour de France: Pogacar reveals he had Covid ten days ago but says he is “fully recovered”

Tour de France: Pogacar reveals he had Covid ten days ago but says he is “fully recovered”

Le départ du Tour s’élancera de Florence ce samedi. MAXPPP – GUILLAUME HORCAJUELO

Little alert for the big favorite of the Tour.

Tadej Pogacar, the big favorite of the Tour de France, revealed on Thursday that he had "had Covid" ago ten days, adding that he was now "fully recovered" two days before departure. "I got sick ten days ago. I had Covid, it was a little question mark but I recovered well and I am fully recovered", said the Slovenian during of a press conference in Florence.

“It’wasn't so bad. It’s just a cold that passed quite quickly, he explained. Covid is no longer as virulent as before, especially if you have already had the virus before. I already had it once, maybe twice even, I don't remember." The 2020 and 2021 winner fell ill during a training camp in Isola 2000.

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Great favorite

He stopped “stopped for a full day before getting back on the bike, first on the rollers inside, then outdoors". Another setback disrupted his otherwise "perfect"  preparation: the death of his grandfather. He went to the funeral in Slovenia.

The Giro-Tour double is difficult to achieve. It's a big challenge but I'm ready to take it

Second for the last two years behind the Dane Jonas Vingegaard, the 25-year-old Slovenian aspires to become the first rider since Marco Pantani in 1998 to complete the Giro-Tour double in the same year. He crushed the competition in May at the Tour of Italy, winning with nearly ten minutes in advance, while his main rivals, Vingegaard, Remco Evenepoel and Primoz Roglic were licking their wounds after a heavy collective fall at the Tour du Basque country.

Everyone named him as the big favorite for the Tour, starting with Evenepoel who judged him "unbeatable" if he remains "safe and sound". &quot ;The "double Giro-Tour is difficult to achieve. It’s a big challenge but I am ready to take it on", he said Thursday.

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