Tour ed Sheeran became the highest grossing in music history

The British singer earned a record 736,7 million dollars before the end of the tour

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Концертный тур Эда Ширана стал самым кассовым в истории музыки

Ed Sheeran broke the record of U2 concert

Tour Divide British artist ed Sheeran, who admitted that she suffers from social anxiety, became the highest grossing in music history. The artist earned 736,7 million dollars for two years of concerts around the world, writes The Guardian.

Look, whom to marry ed Sheeran in a short video:

According to the publication, at the moment, ed Sheeran has sold 8.5 million tickets. His tour lasted for two and a half years and is dedicated to the release of poolboy Divide. Box office tour Sheeran has exceeded 736 million dollars, given that 12 of the tour dates have not yet been played.

The popular British champion was considered the rock band U2. The musicians were able to earn 736,4 million for two years and sold 7.3 million tickets.

“Today, the tour Divide has broken the record of the world tour set U2. Now this is the most visited and the most successful tour of all time. Thank you for all of you who came to the show. 12 shows left, I’ll never forget it,” wrote ed Sheeran in his Instagram.

Recall that recently, ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber has released a music video for the song I Don’t Care.

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