Tour of the XV of France in Argentina: great first for Lenni Nouchi, Arthur Vincent summoned and many new ones

Tour of the XV of France in Argentina: great first for Lenni Nouchi, Arthur Vincent summoned and many new ones

Lenni Nouchi will experience his big debut with the French men's XV this summer. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

The staff of the XV of France revealed a first group of 32 players this Monday, June 17, to prepare for the tour to Argentina at the beginning of July.

The group of 32

Pillars: Demba Bamba (Lyon), Giorgi Beria (Clermont), Jean-Baptiste Gros (Toulon), Thomas Laclayat (Racing), Régis Montagne (Grenoble), Matis Perchaud (Bayonne), Tevita Tatafu (Bayonne).
Tailers : Gaëtan Barlot (Castres), Teddy Baubigny (Toulon), Jannick Tarrit (Racing).
Second line : Hugo Auradou (Pau), Mickaël Guillard (Lyon), Posolo Tuilagi (Perpignan), Florent Vanverberghe (Castres).< br /> Third row : Ibrahim Diallo (Racing), Jordan Joseph (Racing), Lenni Nouchi (Montpellier), Yann Peysson (Castres), Killian Tixeront ( Clermont).
Scrumhalfs : Baptiste Couilloud (Lyon), Baptiste Jauneau (Clermont), Baptiste Serin (Toulon).
Flyhalf: Léo Berdeu (Lyon), Louis Carbonel (Montpellier).
Centers: Léon Darricarrère (Clermont), Antoine Frisch (Munster, IRL), Emilien Gailleton (Pau), Arthur Vincent (Montpellier).
Wingers/Backs : Théo Attissogbe (Pau), Nathanaël Hulleu (Castres), Melvyn Jaminet (Toulon), Joris Jurand (Clermont).< /p>

Scrum half Baptiste Serin, full-back Melvyn Jaminet and center Arthur Vincent are among the 32 players called up on Monday, more than half of whom are novices, for the tour ;summer of the 15th of France in South America.

According to the list communicated by the French Rugby Federation (FFR), 19 “blues”, including some U20 world champions like Montpellier third row Lenni Nouchi or L' Pau winger Théo Attissogbé, are among the 32 players (19 forwards and 13 backs) expected from Monday in Marcoussis for a gathering.

Vincent seems like an elder

Among the newcomers, we also find the center of Munster Antoine Frisch and the pillar of Grenoble (Pro D2) Régis Montagne. They will rub shoulders with the most accustomed to it, such as scrum half Baptiste Serin (29 years old, 44 selections), fullback Melvyn Jaminet (24 years old, 19 selections) and prop Jean-Baptiste Gros (25 years old, 27 selections), all three eliminated with Toulon in the Top 14 play-offs on Saturday, or even the pillar Demba Bamba (26 years old, 26 selections) and the Lyon scrum half Baptiste Couilloud (26 years old, 16 selections).

Montpellier center Arthur Vincent (24 years old, 18 selections) and Castres hooker Gaëtan Barlot (27 years old, 7 selections) are also among the oldest.

In South America, the French will play two test matches against the Argentine Pumas (July 6 and 13) but also against the Uruguayan Teros (July 10). This first list will be refined and completed to 42 players on Sunday, after the semi-finals of the Toulouse-La Rochelle championship on Friday and Stade français-Bordeaux-Bègles on Saturday.

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