Tour TD musiparc: “the intention of bite in there” – Mathieu Lafontaine, Blue Jeans Blue

Tournée TD musiparc: «On a l’intention de mordre là-dedans» – Mathieu Lafontaine, de Bleu Jeans Bleu

After having seen the video of Cotton fleece to cross the 10 million viewings and is a duo improbable with Celine Dion in a Bell Centre packed to the rafters, Blue Blue Jeans continued its “year dream” this summer, with passages provided to the Francos and on the plains of Abraham, in the opening of the Festival d’été de Québec.

It was the summer of Blue-Jeans Blue. The one where the group was going to continue to “make memories in life,” explains Mathieu Lafontaine, alias Claude Cobra, at the other end of the wire.

“We saw the work that we had this summer, we were happy. And all of a sudden, nothing. It is as if you buy a plane ticket, you are happy, you know that you’re leaving at such date. And at a certain moment, you realize that your ticket is no longer good!”

In an ” ideal world “, Blue Jeans Blue hope that all the “surprises” that awaited him this summer will be back the next summer.

“We had a bucket list, things we hope to do when we make music,” he adds. The Plains, it was on the calendar for a long time. This is a bucket list postponed, hopefully.”

Six precious concerts… and a family summer

After cutting the grass under foot by the COVID-19, Mathieu Lafontaine and his cronies have ants in the legs to the idea of going on stage, six nights in the course of the tour, TD musiparc. Shows unhoped that will not replace the lost, but rejoice greatly.

“It was the intention of bite in there as possible, because we do not know what is coming. We have accumulated a big desire to play for several months and it can’t do otherwise than appear on stage,” shows the singer.

Although this break was not desired, Mathieu Lafontaine is of the opinion that it is good. “I had quality time with my child and my girlfriend as I never had,” he says. Is it that I would have had if it had not been for the pandemic? No.”

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