Tourism boom in Ukraine: what to see in Chernobyl

If you want to visit the exclusion zone, you’ll like the list of places to visit in Chernobyl

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After the release of the series from HBO’s “Chernobyl” in Ukraine started a real tourist boom. People are looking for any opportunity to get into the exclusion zone and book a tour to Chernobyl. We have previously written, what excursions there are in the exclusion zone and how to get to Chernobyl.

If you decide to get there, then you need to know what to look for in Chernobyl.

What to look for in the exclusion zone: Pripyat

It’s a dead and abandoned Ghost town that became so after the tragedy at Chernobyl. Animals roam earlier picturesque wide streets, abandoned in a hurry at home practically destroyed, and on their roofs increased trees. Throughout the school, scattered toys, thrown by children in a hurry, blackened from old age. Carousels and amusement Park rides turned into piles of scrap metal. It looks like stills from horror films, but it really is.

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What to look for in Chernobyl: Abandoned cargo port

This cargo port in Chernobyl was intended to provide everything necessary for the construction of new units (5th and 6th reactors) and the modern city of nuclear scientists. But to fulfill his purpose, he failed. Now these huge metal giants abandoned and forgotten, and a floating crane and disappears under water.

What you need to look at Chernobyl: a graveyard of barges and ships

Chernobyl backwater – turned into a cemetery of radioactive barges and ships. Immediately after the Chernobyl accident here went to the last journey of the court, carrying radioactive cargo. A huge quantity of them still is on the last pier, where they are slowly covered with rust and go under water. Someday they will absorb water a backwater of the river Pripyat, and they will be symbolically buried in the graveyard of ships and barges.

Tours to Chernobyl: the Observation deck of Chernobyl

From here you can take a closer look at the sarcophagus that covered the building of the fourth unit, and see other parts of the Chernobyl NPP. On the observation deck of Chernobyl, next to the fourth power, hidden under the Sarcophagus, a monument to liquidators, ustanavli consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.

Chernobyl: what is interesting to see

The work of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has resumed after a couple of years after the accident, but the construction of the fifth and sixth units remained frozen. Eventually the plant was closed only in 2000-m to year. Pripyat has become an empty Ghost town-a Ghost, remaining in the homes values have long plundered, and the town is gradually destroyed. It is worth remembering that a visit to Chernobyl may cause harm to your health.

Recall, the British writer Charles Marie Sweet was indignant in the social network that the series “Chernobyl,” no black actors.

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Туристический бум в Украине: что посмотреть в Чернобыле

Туристический бум в Украине: что посмотреть в Чернобыле

Туристический бум в Украине: что посмотреть в Чернобыле


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