Tourism in the regions: the Dr. Horacio Arruda, “recommends that people remain in their universe”

Tourisme dans les régions: le Dr Horacio Arruda «recommande que les gens restent dans leur univers»

The day after the official announcement of the déconfinement of tourism, still a few grey areas persist. Is it that Montrealers will be able to go to Gaspésie this summer? Hard to say, according to the national director of public health.

“The situation is fragile she is still in the metropolitan area. Elsewhere in Quebec, there is not too much transmission community,” said Dr. Horacio Arruda during the press briefing of the authorities.

Public health is still recommending not to travel to another region, unless it is essential.

“The tourism that can be interpreted as something essential for some, there are as a dosage to do that,” he added.

In an interview Thursday morning on the airwaves of LCN, the minister of Tourism has yet said that it was possible.

“I recommend that people stay in their universe given the high transmission in the metropolitan area, but we will not go to the barricade to prevent someone,” said the director.

He says that these are not simple decisions and that he would have liked to be able to answer this question in one or two weeks to see the progress of the situation in Montreal.

Is the announcement on tourism has been made too early? No, ” he said. “It is necessary to open the valve, if it is not done, there is crime. It is done in an uncoordinated manner”, lance-t-il.

He believes that it is necessary to exercise caution and avoid “all garrocher in the East-du-Québec”.

“There are also issues of social acceptability. Are you going to be welcome or not?” asks he.

It ensures that the déconfinement of Quebec is happening as the authorities had planned. “It is necessary that the economy gets back, but you can’t make it back to 100%,” he concludes.


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