Tourism: “We try to move the storm”

Tourisme: «On essaie de passer la tempête»

Jérémy Bernier

The Gaspé peninsula is not the only one to taste the medicine of the visitors little civilized, while Saguenay and Charlevoix are also reprehensible behaviour in their the most popular sights.

The Newspaper demonstrated yesterday the extent of the crisis now raging in the Gaspé peninsula, where the lack of civility of some of the tourists towards their corner of paradise arouses the indignation of residents and the deputy first minister Geneviève Guilbault.

However, the case of gaspésie is not isolated. In Saguenay, mont Jacob, and the shores of lac Kénogami, have suffered from the negligence of visitors : the vandalism has been reported, and of the remaining coarse picnics were collected, carcasses of lobster and diapers included.

“People who lack civic-mindedness among themselves, this is not because they will go elsewhere they will start to have “, takes care to remind the councilman of Saguenay, Jimmy Bouchard, unable to tell if the authors are tourists, or residents of the region.

People threw waste on a site of the mount Jacob, in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, in the course of the end of last week.

Charlevoix taste

The Municipality of Saint-Simeon, in Charlevoix, complains about it acts similar to those reported in the Gaspé peninsula.

Like its counterparts in the region, the mayor Sylvain Tremblay was happy to see visitors disembarking at him and drive the economy. But the minority consists of people with “a little crazy” is needed more than ever this year.

“At this level, I’ve never seen it,” said Mr. Tremblay. It creates pressure on our employees. We can not deal with it. There are a lot of complaints. “

Saint-Siméon has a strike force municipal limited, who has the resources to support a community of 1300 residents. It is even more minimal in Baie-Sainte-Catherine, thirty miles away, with its 200 residents.

The mayor of the place, Donald Kenny, arrives at the same conclusion : the means are too limited to pick-up or monitor.

It patrol him-even the places where campers unlawful to settle down, so that the local camping is closed for the summer.

“I would like the cords very tight,” he said. [Last night], I went to three, politely, and they are gone. “

“No common sense “

Questioned yesterday in a press briefing about tourists disturbing the Gaspé peninsula, the vice-prime minister and minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, agreed that ” it does not make sense “. It ensures that work hand in hand with the municipalities to resolve the issue.

“It has added to police numbers “, she says, clarifying that it is sometimes enough to discourage unpleasant behaviour of some tourists. Things have improved, does-she.

Campers have appropriate beaches in the Gaspé peninsula.

The mayor of Saint-Simeon, him, hopes that help arrives also at home. Like to have a helping hand from Québec to remedy the problem ?

He let loose a big sigh and takes a long pause. “This is a situation quite unique, breath Sylvain Tremblay. At this moment, I tell myself that we will leave to go on holiday and we are going to look at what we can do for ourselves. “

In the meantime, ” we try to move the storm “, a loose-t-it.


You have people leaving their tent in the middle of the beach, garbage everywhere, bottles and even excrement, while there are toilet blocks everywhere.

— Méganne Perry Mélançon, member of the parti québecois de Gaspé

It is deplorable, by 2020, to have to make an awareness campaign to say to pick up its waste.

— Jimmy Bouchard, a city councillor in Saguenay

It breaks the heart to see images like we saw : people who leave garbage on campsites, on the beaches.

— Genevieve Guilbault, vice-prime minister and minister of public Safety

We are happy to see you and we understand the situation that we live all. But try to be civilized.

— Sylvain Tremblay, mayor of Saint-Siméon

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